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Artist Michael Alan invites you into his world

Friday 20 October 2017

We caught up with Bushwick based artist Michael Alan to hear more about his live installation events.

Michael, tell us about you, and how you got into art? 
I drew to escape, NYC in 1982 was not as safe as it is now, art for me was healing and it wasn’t art, it just was, Art is the same for me now, except New York is different. I was looked at as a bizarre kid, making art all the time and not having any friends. My best friend, who became my adopted brother by my mom, (special moment) passed away. He was my one good childhood connection and motivation to be a part of art, life and the outside world, my driving force. 


And you’ve been running your live events since the early 2000’s?
I saw “art” in 2000 as divided and I wanted to bring music, models, drawing, performance, and community together so that they could merge. A smash Up.

You do the live events regularly, how do you decide the theme of each event?
They are not events, we call them experiences or sessions, creative sessions of all kinds, random creative experiences weekly, sometimes one on one, sometimes live feed. I avoid getting booked as an event as I’m trying to create a new kind of gathering where people come and hang out, take a break from life, without being a class or a party or a program. I like breaking up the structure of typical events and creating a fun creative experience for others.


What can we expect from the event ‘Vampire Love’ on Saturday? 
No expectations, the point of these silly experiences is to not plan too much, let go and have a mellow time. It’s easy for me to get a venue and do major shows. It’s hard to trust and let people into my small special space. It’s hard to have simple times in today, we live so fast and multitask, triple task, and all have anxiety.

You can expect to have a seat or sit on the floor. Zone out in my cozy studio. See the space where I spend my time.

See me and Jadda Cat smash each other up with cakes and paint in a kiddie pool and eat food off each other and make some crazy live sounds!

Tons of art hung from ceiling to floor, endless sketch books that you can request to see! There’ll be Live music by Tim Love Lee and Austin Gregory and me!


The weekly art sessions are about taking time out for yourself and sitting around, maybe even making a new friend.

I found the Andy Warhol “Sleep” film to still be one of my favorite movies because it is untouched. I feel the studio sessions are mostly untouched. You are coming to see natural Mike Alan habitation. 

You do sculpture, performance, painting – which medium do you prefer?
For me it’s all the same. I’m an artist, I use my hands, my body, energy, the world to create visual language. I love all forms of expression. 


Tell us about your side kick, Jadda Cat and the ways you collaborate? 
My best friend, my soul mate, my love. People come to see us being us or they come to see something “weird” it can be simple nights of live painting or off the wall unexplainable voices sounds and our bodies morphing into a cake on fire. We are muppets and make sounds, voices, characters, worlds, puppet shows, and hugs. I draw her non stop, we make ideas and work on shows during the week and bring it to life on the fly. Wild at heart. We even have special love shows.

What advice would you give our readers who are budding artists?
Respect your time, find creative events and explore yourself and look beyond human life when creating.

Value your art, work every day, stop trying to look like something, or be something.

Things are only things, create to change the world, we all die, live to inspire and heal! Draw yourself naked!

You can purchase tickets for Michaels upcoming live installations HERE