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Introducing: Cameron Bloomfield

Tuesday 24 October 2017

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Words Alice Bell

Cameron Bloomfield is ready to take on the world. A talented multi-instrumentalist, Bloomfield effortlessly blends funk, soul, R&B and pop on his new single ‘Get In Get Out’ to create a track that’ll set your toes tapping in no time. The energy on the single is infectious, and Bloomfield’s boundless enthusiasm extends into his speech – he is animated, he’s affable, and he’s earnestly interested in discussing his music and his goals for the future.

So, Cameron – how did you get into music?

Oh, that’s been my whole life. That’s from family when I was really young. There’s a picture of [me] on my first birthday sitting on my granddad’s lap and he’s playing the [piano] and all the family used to joke that that was my first piano lesson. So it’s been there from really early doors. And then through school – I got into classical singing when I was a boy, and then kind of grew up and got bored of that… To be honest, my school helped me massively. Their music was really incredible. There was a couple of guys there, like teachers, who basically just let me bunk all the lessons and stay in the recording studio at school as long as I was passing my other classes… Through them I kind of learnt a little bit about production, a lot about writing, a lot about playing live and writing for different instruments – even ones I wasn’t really playing as well. So that was a proper education.

And then after that, just as I was leaving school, just as I was doing my A-Levels, one of my best friends’ older brothers was a music producer – he is still a music producer, Bobby Allcock – and he was working on a couple of tracks with Ghetts. And he’d heard that I was a decent singer from Steve, his younger brother, [and he was like] ‘Oh, Cam, do you fancy coming in and seeing how good you are at writing?’ So I was like ‘Yeah, sure!’

I think I had an exam or something the next day, so my mum didn’t want me to go. But I was like ‘[Sighs] I’m definitely going, Mum, you can’t stop me on this one!’ So I went down and then wrote the song, which ended up being ‘What I’ve Done’, which was on his album in 2014. And then, yeah, from there [I] just kind of did a load of touring with him for the album, and met some producers that I wanted to work with on my own stuff, and started really looking into what I wanted to do as an artist as well, now that I’d got that kind of little buzz from writing and being on that side of things… And then we’re here! A few years down the line and we’re still going.

What was the first song that you wrote that you thought, ‘This is my sound, this is what I want to sound like’?

I don’t know – there have been a few ‘cause it changes all the time! Like not the sound changes all the time but there are always gonna be elements of your sound that are always evolving… ‘Cause your sound as an artist has always got to represent who you are as a person but who you are as a person’s always changing because you’re always going through stuff and you’re always meeting new people and having experiences that are going to shape who you are. And so if your music when you’re like, eighteen/nineteen for instance, is the same – exactly the same as if I was, now, twenty-three? I’d be a bit worried! I’d be like ‘What have I done in that four years? I clearly haven’t lived anything, I haven’t done anything that has caused me to feel any type of a way in that time, so…’

‘There are always gonna be elements of your sound that are always evolving.’

I mean, there was a song called ‘Could Be Something’, that I wrote when I was seventeen/eighteen… And that was probably the first song that I wrote that I was like ‘Oh, shit! This is actually good, this actually feels like something good.’ And I’d play it to people, and they’d be like ‘Ah, this is a really good song!’ and… Ah, fuck, I’d completely forgot this – there was this email that I got completely out of the blue – I’d put the song up on YouTube, and then I got an email like six months later from this girl that was like ‘Ah, Cameron, we’ve never met but I heard your song on YouTube and I met this guy when I was travelling, and we knew that we weren’t gonna be together because we were travelling all over the world and going our separate ways, but every now and again we meet up in different cities every few months…’ and ‘Could Be Something’ became their song!


And she emailed me and I was so shocked because, for me, that was the first thing that I was like ‘Aw, yeah, I’m proud of this!’ and all of a sudden it was the soundtrack to some love story that was going on on the other side of the world! Like, crazy to get my head around!

That’s amazing!

Yeah – it was the most beautiful email as well, I’ve still got it saved. So, yeah – that was probably the first thing that I was like, ‘Yeah, this writing thing… I’m definitely onto something here.’

Yeah. So give us some examples of how your sound has evolved – you say you’re changing a lot, how do you think your sound has changed recently?

There’s just a lot more honesty of all aspects, if that makes any sense. I feel like previously I’ve been very concerned about trying to channel one particular part of me. And so that might be like the party boy, or that might be the introvert guy that sits on the sofa sometimes or that might be the guy who likes to go down the pub and chat to people or being stupid… There was always just one particular part of me that I was trying to channel, and then in the last kind of year, maybe two years… I just go in on the day and see exactly how I’m feeling on that day – how is that gonna represent itself? And so then being able to pull all of those little snapshots of me instead of trying to get a massive broad picture in every single shot, it kind of gradually built up to be something that was a lot more real… But I think that’s probably more down to process than anything else, it’s just how you get to your final goal. I think I’ve always had the same final goal in mind: I still always wanna be creating something that is a genuine version of me. But then it’s gonna be the process that is gonna have to evolve in order for the sound to evolve with it.

‘I’ve always had the same final goal in mind: creating something that is a genuine version of me.’

Is it very difficult to kind of put a song down and stop working on it, or do you always have like a moment where you’re like ‘No, it’s done. I’m pleased with that, it’s finished’?

Nah, it’s strange – I think, even now, there’s probably little bits and things that I listen to and think ‘Ah, I should have done that different!’ But you kind of, you have to just let it be. Because that was the representation of what it was on that day. And now I’ve got to kind of accept that day for what it was, and love it, like the slightly flawed but still beautiful child that it is, and then just move on to the next one and keep trying to deliver that honest representation.

So what are your goals for the next year? What are the things you’d really like to achieve or do?

Well, I’d love to put out the second project – it’s well in the making, but putting it out is always another thing… Oh, I’d love to put out the first one, I’m talking as if the first one’s come out but the first one hasn’t even come out yet! The first one’s coming out in like three weeks! Yeah, I’m getting ahead of myself… But yeah I would also love the second one to come out. [Laughs]

And then… touring. I just wanna go and play shows, like I love live music, as both a fan and as a performer. That’s everything. As much as streaming and the Internet is great, ‘cause it can get to millions of people, potentially, and you can access music that you never knew even existed before, there is never gonna be the connection that you get at a live show. Like so I’ve got a show coming up in December, on the 11th [at The Waiting Room] and I’m absolutely buzzing for it, because it’ll be the first time that anyone will have heard the tunes that’ll be on this project in the full capacity – there have been some of them that I’ve played every now and again just to warm them up a little bit, and see whether they’re gonna work in that kind of environment, in that kind of way… But yeah, I just wanna be touring. Everywhere – Europe, the UK, US hopefully as well but I don’t know – you did only say a year, so [I] might have to take a rain check on that one…

It would be a very packed year if you did manage to do all of that! But, you know, I have faith, I’m sure you can do it.

Well a year’s still a long time! It’s a very short time but it can be a long time, depending how much you’re willing to get your head down – it could still happen!

I’m sure it will, we’ll look out for that!

Thanks for the confidence!

Listen to Cameron Bloomfield’s new track ‘Get In Get Out’ below, and watch out for his brand new EP ‘The Night Before’, to be released on 3rd November.

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