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Free Spirited: Sara Darling

Monday 09 October 2017

For Barbour International’s latest campaign, #ForTheFreeSpirited they have engaged with some incredible creatives from our Spindle Network. This week we get to know more about London based stylist, Sara Darling.

 You’re no stranger to us here at Spindle, but for those who haven’t heard of you, tell our readers who you are and what do you do.

Hey there! I guess the best way to describe me is a bit of a juggler. And sometimes mind-reader, and occasionally a magician! I am a freelance stylist, writer, social media queen and magazine Editor. Good job I like to keep busy…

Tell us about your career journey.

I was lucky enough to start my career at legendary The Face magazine. With a Media and Communications degree I knew I wanted to do something in the Media, but during my four years at The Face, I naturally morphed towards the fashion department. From then I have been associated with Disorder magazine, International Life and Conquer magazines as Fashion Editor. But alongside that I have always had my finger in the freelance writing and styling world! I now edit 55Pages, which has been going for over six years, and we are on issue 13.

How are you free-spirited?

I am free spirited because I am little bit eccentric, a little bit bohemian and always follow my heart! I love what I do and I do what I love, and don’t like being put in a box.

I am free spirited because I am a little bit eccentric, a little bit bohemian and always follow my heart!

What would you change about your career?

Ooooh, that’s tricky! I love what I do… I would like clients to pay me on time! Chasing payment is always a pain for a freelancer! I would also love to still have my studio in Soho. As I’m based in Brighton, it was heaven to have a London base for deliveries and meetings, but now I’m travelling so much it’s saving me some pennies!

What are you currently working on?

I am currently juggling (see earlier!) several writing projects. I have just come back from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Libijuana, Slovenia which I was covering for Schon! magazine. I am working with a yoga guru on her book launch and social media (Diary of a Yogi), and I am pulling together content for issue 13 of 55Pages, which I edit. I will also be shooting an eight-page womenswear story when I return from my bootcamp in Malaga – which will feature on Stylenest.

What’s been your favourite project to date?

Wow! So many… I love editorial shoots as you can be as creative as you like, and it’s great when you get the buzz of a team collaboration. I also adored working with Ana Matronic. She was so up for anything. I recently worked with Tito Jackson who was an absolute sweetie too. Shooting in the middle of Cannes Film Festival was also pretty memorable. Our model turned some heads, but that all added to the thrill.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t be intimidated – go for it! Follow your dreams and believe in yourself. Also, NEVER run out of business cards! So unprofessional.

You can shop Sara’s look and find out more about the campaign here.

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