James Mcvey | Spindle Interview

James McVey Part 1

Thursday 26 October 2017

It’s been said that today’s pop bands are the new generation of rock stars. If that’s the case, then James McVey, lead guitarist for pop-rock quartet The Vamps, is a fully-fledged 2017 rock star. The now-23-year-old guitarist started his music career after he was discovered by management on MySpace at the age of 15. After discovering bandmate Bradley Simpson on YouTube, the two went on to form The Vamps, completing their lineup with bassist Connor Ball and drummer Tristan Evans.

Now, nearly six years on from his first meeting with Brad, James McVey sits down with Spindle to discuss his journey so far. From his first memory of music to the making of the band’s most recent single, ‘Personal’, which they performed live for the first time at the BBC Teen Awards on Sunday, we hear all about James’s relationship with his music and much more. Watch the first part of this exclusive interview below…

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