Spindle Selects: ABISHA Takeover

Thursday 12 October 2017

To celebrate tomorrow’s release of Spindle cover star ABISHA’s debut single, ‘All That’, she takes over the playlist to bring us all her favourite tracks from the past week.

‘Linguo’ feat. Donae’o – Giggs

I’m actually a big fan of Giggs’ new album in general. His distinct voice, ad-libs (jheeze), and humour on this track make it seem like it could slot straight into his last album – aside from the slightly more laid back and chilled vibe which I enjoy. My favourite from the album is definitely ‘The Essence.’

‘Easy Love’ – Lauv

I like this track – it’s got an atmospheric R&B vibe which grows throughout the track. It’s very simple which captures the emotional side of it – the message of being willing to do anything for the person you love, no matter what it takes, and not wanting to take the easy way out. Lauv has an effortlessly commercial voice which works perfectly for the track – he sure knows what he’s doing. The guitar solo towards the end is on point too!

‘Mystik’ – Tash Sultana

I’ve followed Tash on Instagram for years – she was just this cool little Australian with sick hair that played guitar really well and had a really unique voice. I didn’t even realise she’d blown up over here! I like the song, I’m a big fan of the chilled vibe but it’s nice to hear that she’s still rocking her original indie sound amongst it. The lyrics are pretty deep too, describing being caught up in the whirlwind of making music and the industry and forgetting to just be present and be yourself.

‘Say Nothing’ – Gabrielle Aplin

I’ve not really paid much attention to Gabrielle Aplin before now, but I really like this track. It’s poppy and commercial but manages to be original and refreshing at the same time, which is rare at the moment. Her vocals are heavenly and the song has a sort of euphoric feel echoing over the super-catchy melody. I’m a fan.

‘Right To It (feat. Ashe)’ – Louis The Child

‘Right To It’ feels like the ultimate summer pop tune – it gives off serious tropical holiday vibes (which Is exactly what we need right now with grey miserable Autumn arriving). The shakers and the drums fit perfectly with the hook lyrics, ‘If you wanna we can get right to it. Mix some vodka with some OJ’.

‘Pray’ – Sam Smith

Classic Sam Smith. Ballad-esque. You can’t miss his instantly recognisable vocals and smooth melodies. I enjoyed the slightly more rhythmic beat throughout – it feels a little bit more daring and experimental than his last album, and it unexpectedly compliments his original gospel type sound. The song is obviously very emotional – I wouldn’t expect anything else from him – singing openly about some of his struggles with heartbreak and fame I’m guessing!

‘Onanon’ – Kelela

I feel like Kelela has made a huge transformation from her old album to this. ‘Onanon’ is cool and seductive with a mysterious energy and intensely smooth vocals. The isolated synths in the chorus give the track a dance feel which compliments her slightly savage lyrics… ‘Did you think you’re my ride home, baby? ‘Cause my girls are parked behind’ – I’m taking note!

‘Mad Woman’ – Sevdaliza

Moody, haunting and intense – That’s all I have to say really. I really like it – I feel like it belongs over a sexy scene in a horror movie… Just saying.

‘Get In Get Out’ – Cameron Bloomfield

This is a clever track. It sort of blends a lot of different genres into one song and somehow it works. It a bit funk, a bit pop, a bit soul and a bit R&B. It’s different but it’s very catchy and it’s definitely a sing-along tune.

‘Cry’ – FACE

‘Cry’ is definitely a feel good song (despite the title). The whole track is uplifting and catchy with serious ‘The Killers’ vibes. It’s poppy but in an alternative way, and the message is really strong too; with one of the band members stating that ‘Anything is possible’.


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