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Introducing: George Kwali

Thursday 16 November 2017

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Fresh off the back of last year’s smash hit ‘Crank It’, George Kwali shows no sign of slowing down just yet.

The hotly tipped DJ and producer has just unleashed his magnetic new single ‘When It Breaks’ featuring Lonestate, via Insanity Records. An instantly addictive follow-up, the single instantly reels you in with its hyped blend of UK house and drum and bass production. A destined club floor-filler, the well-crafted track features the amplified, anthemic vocal from Lonestate that transcends and resonates throughout, cooking up the energy and completely immersing us!

Following an incredible wave of support and now armed with infectious new single, George Kwali is well on his way to prove that he is a gifted artist who delivers big, masterfully catchy crossover hits and a definite ‘One To Watch’ leading into 2018. We salute you George.


You’re a Brighton boy, how do you feel the creativity of the city has shaped you into the artist you’ve become?

I feel like being from Brighton has shaped the music I make quite a bit. My friends initially got me into house music so there’s that and then the nightlife and clubs in Brighton are pretty decent so we’ve always had good nights to go out to!

You share a studio space with friend and collaborator Kideko – are there ever any in-house differences when it comes to you creating both of your individual projects?

Not really, we’ve both worked together for years now and had various aliases and duos together so we pick up tricks and ways of doing things from each other. I’d say the only real difference is that Kideko likes to produce with the volume turned down fairly quiet because he is a sissy

You’ve collaborated with some incredible talent, who would you love to work with on a forthcoming track?

I’d love to work with Fatboy Slim or Duke Dumont

What does a typical day involve for you?

My day usually starts at 10am when I have to kick the all of the girls out my room. Then I check my phone and my manager Jonny is reminding me of all the things I’m behind on, so I head to the studio if I have a session, or if not I’ll finish some other music I’ve been working on. I take a break around 3pm to get some lunch and then head back to the studio until around 6/7pm. After this I head home and have dinner In the evening I’ll head to the gym, come home and shower, let all the girls back in and go to bed.

“I just wanted to make a big, rolling marching brass record that would sound great in the club”.

If you had to describe the George Kwali sound and aesthetic to anyone, what 5 words would you choose?

Fun, Fruity, Electronic, Deep  & boppy

Tell us the inspiration behind the writing and making of ‘When It Breaks’ – what’s the creative process like?

I wrote When It Breaks with my close friends Lonestate, I didn’t really have an idea set out when we started the record, I kind of just messed around until I found something that I liked.

What are the biggest guilty pleasure tracks within your collection?

I would never ever play it out in a set but I am a sucker for the Cha Cha Slide.

What have been the best and worst gigs of your career so far?

Best gigs of my career so far have got to be the Amnesia Ibiza shows this year. The most fun show I’ve played was my Christmas Party that I do with Kideko. Last year we brought out Fatboy Slim as a secret guest at midnight and everybody went nuts I don’t want to name and shame the worst gig I have played but it was a club in Bath last year and there was basically nobody in the crowd other than a dead hen party

What were the last three records that you listened to?

Solardo – ‘Fall Down’ (MK Remix)

Post Malone – ‘Rockstar’

Dizzee Rascal – ‘Bop N Keep It Dippin’

If you had to listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Michael Mcdonald’s ‘I Keep Forgetting’. It gives me shivers every time I hear it on a good system

Which is your preferred social media platform, and why?

I like Instagram because my feed is mostly memes

I hope people enjoy it as intended, I’m excited for people to finally hear new music”

Do you feel as an artist that social media is a help or a hindrance? How do you think you would have fared as an artist without the social platforms?

I think social media is essential, it keeps you current and lets your fans get to know you in a way that wasn’t possible before. I think if I didn’t have social media I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today.

What else can we expect from you over the next 12 months?

I’ve got an EP coming out later this year and there will be lots more live gigs and more releases!


Follow George here.