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Interview: A La Disposition

Sunday 05 August 2012

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Formed in 2005, Husband and Wife duo Daniel Kinne and Lynda Cohen Kinne form the deliciously dark designer brand, A la disposition. When taking in their fantastical designs, strange creatures from dark fairytales spring to mind, with curious characteristics and long arms that trail along behind them as they walk…. I like to think of A la disposition’s AW12 collection as the Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland film that never was….

How did you both meet, and what lead to the decision that you’d collaborate together on a fashion label?

We met at Parsons School of Design in New York and we ended up taking our independent study class together. Through mutual interest we started collaborating almost immediately and it’s grown ever since!

How do you go about merging your creative ideas together to create one image?

It is our strength to have complementing skills as well as our ability to work well together – this is one of the key factors that drew us together in the first place. It all flows very naturally with the design process being handed back and forth between the two of us as the season develops. Daniel starts with the original ideas and sketches, and then it falls to Lynda to flesh them out with colours and fabrics, then we both go through the intricate process of creating the original samples. This is the part where we really get to enjoy using our signature pattern cutting skills.

Your AW12 collection is dark and theatrical, what were your key influences behind this?

Darkness has always been a part of our work. The allure, play, mortality and the sense of adventure and discovery that it brings have always been present in what we do and it is an ever-fascinating theme that we like to revisit.

If you could use any selection of models from around the world to walk down the runway in your SS13 collection, which would you choose to wear your clothes and why?

We absolutely adore supporting fresh faces. Having a model’s runway debut be at our show and giving them their first chance on the catwalk provides us great pleasure!

Do you each have a favourite movie? If so, what are they?

We enjoy films with a sharp wit and dark sense of humour – also films that are visually stunning, from camera movement to costume to excellent acting. These fall into a wide spectrum of which we like many, but without any particular favourite.

Finally, what would you say are your biggest achievements to date? Tell us about them…

Professionally it is being included in the exhibition “His and Hers” at the Museum @ FIT alongside fashion greats such as Alexander McQueen, John Paul Gaultier and Raf Simons.
Personally it is our relocation to London. This is something we dreamed about and worked on passionately for a long time and the reality has been more rewarding than we could ever have hoped for.

Words: Toni Ogle