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Introducing: Louis Mattrs

Thursday 02 November 2017

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Words Alice Bell

Brighton-born singer, songwriter, and producer Louis Mattrs is catching all sorts of attention for his brand of melodic, addictive pop. His album On the Rocks is due for release later this year, and promises more irresistible pop tracks to follow 2017 releases ‘Killer’ and ‘Pink Lemonade’. The 12-track project contains no features and is entirely self-produced – no small feat for any artist, and the undeniable talent this demonstrates has seen Louis work with some big names. He notably featured on Chase & Status’s 2013 hit ‘Lost & Not Found’, and he toured with the band following the collaboration. Since then, he’s caught the eyes of some big players across the pond, from Meek Mill to P Diddy and even Kylie Jenner, who used one of Louis’s songs in the background of one of her Instagram videos. Now, with his album release on the horizon and the world at his feet, Spindle sat down to talk to Louis about his career so far and what’s next for him…

How did you start making music?

I think I was about sixteen/seventeen… Just got a dodgy version of Fruity Loops and took it from there, really. I sort of wasn’t too keen on music when I was a bit younger, but yeah – I sort of picked it up about then and just kept working at it I guess. It was about the only thing that I would go out of my way to do and not be prompted to do, which was a good sign, that I was quite into it.

What was the inspiration behind your song ‘Killer’?

I wrote that one year ago. It’s sort of about how you’d do almost anything for someone that you love and who you’re in love with. It’s not literally about being in love with a killer – that would be a bit weird. But yeah, it’s that sort of thing really.

What was it like filming the video [for ‘Killer’]? The video’s really interesting!

Oh, it was really, really good! We filmed it in… some sort of woods in London, I think it was North London, really late at night. So we started filming around 11ish and then just went through into the early hours of the morning. It was pretty mental – we had like, these really sick drones flying around, and these crazy farmers kept on running over, trying to tell us not to do this! [Laughs] But yeah, it was pretty cool, yeah, a really nice little shoot.

You’ve collaborated and you’ve toured with Chase and Status – what was it like working with them?

Yeah – really good! They’re really nice guys. Touring with them was pretty mental… Yeah, them sort of just showing me the ropes really because I’d never done anything like that at all. So yeah, [they’re] really nice guys and everyone that they bring with them on tour are always amazing singers, and really nice people. So yeah – it was really, really good and really helpful to me.

Yeah! What’s been your best experience performing live? Have there been any particular highlights?

There’ve been loads on tour with them, just being round so many lovely places. I’d probably say Glastonbury – that was probably up there with the best moment ever, sort of just walking out to God knows how many people, [it] was pretty mental. Yeah – probably that one would be my favourite live performance I guess.

So, I understand you wrote and you produced your album yourself…


Describe that process – how did it all come together?

So, I produced it myself and a friend of mine, Brad De Lou, but we sort of did the whole thing together. A lot of them I sort of was doing on my own at my house and then… took it to Brad, and we sort of made it better from there. I mean, doing a lot of the production was quite satisfying, but quite lonely, I guess. So it’s always fun to go and make music with other people – it’s more of a social thing. To make it fun, and not feel like work, which is great.

You’ve got a number of famous fans in America, including Kylie Jenner, which is very cool!


Who would it blow your mind to know listened to your music?

Ooh… I don’t know! That’s a tricky one… I don’t actually know!

No problem!

I’d probably say someone in the football field – because it’s always weird when it’s someone that’s a musician [that knows you], like, that’s great! But if it’s someone completely random, like in the sports field or something, like ‘How did they find out about my songs?’ or something. So yeah, something other than in the music field would be amazing.

Yeah, that makes sense! So what are your biggest goals for the next year?

Getting my live show together, perform all around England and hopefully in Europe and elsewhere, in the States… But I just need to get that right. And yeah, just hopefully people keep on streaming and buying my album, so – hopefully that all goes to plan and goes well. But you don’t know, so fingers crossed!

Fingers crossed – I’m sure it will though! One last question – what’s the main lesson that you’ve learned in your career so far that you think people starting out should know?

Um… That you’ve actually got to put quite a bit of effort in! [Laughs] Yeah, I’ve found you can sort of kid yourself into thinking you’re doing lots of things when really you’re not. So, as soon as you work that out for yourself, everyone can tell you you’re not doing as much as you need to but as soon as you realise yourself, then you can progress and do a lot more with your day. Which I’d say, that’s the biggest advice I could give anyone – work harder.

That’s some good advice! Thanks so much for talking, Louis!

Watch the video for Louis Mattrs’s single ‘Killer’ below…

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