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Introducing: Sheppard

Friday 10 November 2017

Sheppard are a six-strong indie pop band hailing from Brisbane, Australia. Perhaps appropriately for a band from the Gold Coast, their 2014 debut album Bombs Away was certified gold by the Australian Recording Industry Association, with their second single ‘Geronimo’ spending three weeks at No.1 on the ARIA Singles Chart. Now, the band – comprising siblings George, Amy, and Emma Sheppard along with Jason Bovino, Dean Gordon, and Michael Butler – are back on the road, and bringing out a brand new single, ‘Coming Home’, today. We caught up with Amy Sheppard to talk their next album, the process of songwriting, and their last single ‘Edge of the Night’. Read on below…

Hey Sheppard! We are eagerly awaiting some new music from you! When is your new album out? 

We have busy crafting our sophomore album and it is now complete! The only issue is that there are about a thousand other established artists are also wanting to release in the coming weeks before Christmas. We have decided to hold off and release the full album early next year. Although we aren’t releasing our album this year, I think you can expect new tracks in the next few weeks. We hope you love them.

How does your new album move away from your first record, Bombs Away?

Bombs Away was a collection of songs we had written over years and years. The album is quite eclectic and you can almost hear the different era in each recording. The next album is more streamlined. We have learnt a TON about writing music since ‘Bombs Away’ was released and I think we’ve grown up a lot too. There are going to be some highly personal songs on this album.

How did the influence of co-writers change and develop your writing process this time around? 

Essentially, it forced us to step out of our comfort zone. We went over to LA and got to write with some of the best songwriters in the industry- an opportunity you don’t turn down. Although we didn’t come out with amazing songs each session, we did find two writing teams who we gelled with. We loved working with them so much, after our LA trip had ended, we flew them to Australia to continue the sessions.

Your latest single, ‘Edge of The Night’ is a veritable summer banger. Where were you when you wrote this?

This was one of the tracks we wrote in Brisbane with two guys from LA. We had been in different writing sessions for months and we were feeling a little flat and uninspired. I think the producer could sense our lack of enthusiasm and he decided we just needed to have some fun. We were playing around with a voice changing synth and came across the deep “Barry White” voice you hear in the track. We thought it was hilarious and ended up writing a song around the voice. We never thought it would make the album but it always made people smile and dance so we decided to make it a single.

It has an old-school feel, mixed with fresh, DNCE vibes. Who are artists that you guys are loving at the moment?
We all have very different tastes in music. Artists which we can all agree are killing it now are BORNS, Dagny, The Killers and Ella Eyre, who we recently had the opportunity of touring with.

How is the reaction when you play in the UK?

We absolutely love playing in the UK. We really appreciate how you all love discovering new music. Every night we performed in the UK was such an adrenaline rush. We hope to get back again soon.

You hail from Brisbane in Australia so anyone from the UK will expect you to be used to sunshine and long summers! How was it playing British Summer Time festival recently, and which country’s ‘summer’ do you prefer? 

British Summer Time Festival is one of our favourites to play. Everyone is so pumped that it is summer and the vibe is electric. I think we tent to take for granted how amazing the weather is in Australia. When the weather is good here in Australia, it’s not such a big deal because the weather is great almost all year round.

While we’re on the subject… What is Sheppard’s favourite: a BBQ or a pub lunch? 

A BBQ for sure! We love having our mates around for beers and snags.

Surfing or going to the movies? 

Movies. It is very unfortunate that none of us can surf.

And the decider… Aussie rules football or soccer? 

We all lean towards soccer! Don’t tell anyone in Australia though, shhh.

Thanks Amy! 

Listen to the official audio for Sheppard’s brand new single, ‘Coming Home’ below!

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