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Mind, Body, Sound: Be Part Of Artist Michael Alan’s 4 Hour Endurance Performance Hug In NYC

Thursday 07 December 2017
Words Alice Bell

We recently caught up with New York based performance artist Michael Alan ahead of his Halloween performance at his Bushwick studios. This Saturday, 9th December, Michael and his partner/collaborator Jada Cat have a solo exhibition and endurance performance, we caught up with Michael to find out what to expect…

MA: The exhibition includes large format 2017 figurative abstract works, with 96 baseball and football cards made and recreated from child to now, which I’ve been drawing and painting on for ages. I saw these more as a downtime project, and never saw these as works to be shown in a gallery.


The four hour hug is a collaboration with Jadda Cat. We will be in the center of the gallery and transform into a large living sculpture. The work on the walls will come to life through us and on us as we demonstrate one human explosion, covered in hand painted costumes, masks, fabrics, string, toys, and various materials. The endurance performance is a demonstration of love in a time of cold anger across America. We believe in these ongoing demonstrations of love and endurance to contribute positivity in opposition to all the endless kicks in the head from our government and extreme cold conditions of systemic living.

During the performance, our teammate Tim “Love” Lee, brilliant world renowned musician and producer, will be playing live. He will be costumed in the art, remixing recordings of Jadda and me singing silly songs and making noises with a funky beat. – We’re gonna hug him too.

Tell us about the concept behind the show?

“Mind Body Sound”
The action of being alive that is living art, being mentally and spiritually present in every action of art, using our bodies to create sculpture, multiple statements, laughter, movement and stillness together as one. Live experimental sound as the living soul backdrop, transmitted live throughout the gallery, breaking up the gallery format. We are inviting the art community, friends, and new friends to come and experience time transformed and slowed down, a demonstration of love and community in a large Chelsea space that is regularly not known for this kind of experience. An act of love and devotion. A performance and statement of purpose and mindfulness for now and the future. Live free.


How will the show differ/ be similar to your Bushwick events?

They are very different. It’s like seeing your favorite punk band live vs. seeing them practice at home. The Bushwick studio Living Installations are not finished works. They are based on sharing personal space, bringing artists and friends together, act of love, healing, and creativity. We greet people as they come in, and everyone’s encouraged to hang out, talk amongst themselves. It’s very casual. The set is a constant work in progress, an installation that has hours and hours of work and construction of sculptures, masks, props, fabrics, and costumes, that is constantly evolving over time. Ongoing.

Four Hour Hug is a full developed piece, taken out of context from the studio full elaborate surreal installations. This is a gallery showing, under bright gallery light, opposed to our diverse studio lighting effects. This experience will be a focused, bright, high energy, centered, peaceful, cleaner version of the ongoing performances in a white wall space with minimal set and carefully selected costumes and props. This piece on the 9th has emerged from all the years of chaos, like a beautiful dove in a pristine space, shaking off all the paint, all the nudity all the wackiness, a Living Installation at its purest.


The performance and exhibition is on Saturday 9th December, 8pm – 12pm at 524 West 19th Street, Chelsea, NYC

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