Introducing: Adrian Daniel

Tuesday 30 January 2018

After starting out as a dancer performing at the famed Apollo Theater in NYC now Adrian Daniels is singing in front of sold out crowds in his native Brooklyn borough. Daniel has a very unique sound that will bode well as the ambitious crooner attempts to take his music to new and unprecedented levels with his upcoming project titled ‘FLAWD’. We caught up with him for an exclusive chat to discuss who he would love to collaborate with, his aspirations to alter the R&B landscape and much more.

You were a professional dancer for Brooklyn Academy of Music before pouring your creative talents into music and songwriting. How did you start dancing?
When I was kid I was always hyper and could never sit still. My mom would notice that so to keep me from staying out of trouble she enrolled me in dance class. I hated it at first. They would try to make me wear tights and I wasn’t having it. Kids would make fun of me cause they thought I was soft. I got into many fights for punching another kid for calling me soft. You couldn’t be soft in my neighborhood. I loved dancing though it became an outlet for me to express my emotions.
What prompted the shift to music?

I was 19 and I was teaching dance at that point in high schools, middle schools and dance schools around NYC. Dancing was starting to feel like a task instead of an outlet. I wasn’t happy anymore just dancing. My brother one day bought a microphone and some recording equipment cause he would rap. He told me to come to his room one day and write and sing this hook for him. He knew I wrote poetry so he figured i could write songs to; I was terrible, but that triggered something in me. Now I love writing music and singing my songs; Its how I deal with things now.

AdrianDaniel (credit Ryan Jay)
What is your songwriting process like?
My writing process is sporadic. I could start writing a song anywhere at anytime when ever inspiration would come to me. I would then go home and flush it out and try to make sense to what i’m trying to say. I once wrote a song while I was rock climbing. That was an eventful day.
Who would you most like to collaborate with?
Kanye, Nao, James Blake, Jai Paul, Ben Khan, Pharrell, Grades; there are so many. Honestly I would collaborate with anyone if i really enjoyed their music and felt like they could bring another element to a song. It doesn’t matter if your a huge artist/ Producer or your just starting out, I just want to make the best music possible.
What has been your favorite gig so far?

I did a sold out show in Brooklyn and that was a moment just soaking that in was incredible.

AdrianDaniel3 (credit Ryan Jay)
You’re determine to shake up the R&B scene, what kind of effect do you want to have on music?
I want to inspire people like I was inspired by the people I look up to, Visually, sonic-ally , and all around. I want to let people know that there is more to Brooklyn than just Rap.
What are your resolutions for 2018?

I make it my business to learn a new skill every year. This year its photography specifically with Iphones.  I follow apple and they always post such great photography and I want to learn how to do that. I suck at it so it seems like a great challenge for me.

Listen to This City here:

FLAWD Tour Dates:

Feb 22 – Hoxton’s – London, UK

Mar 7 – World Cafe Live – Philadelphia, PA

Mar 8 – Songbyrd – Washington DC

Mar 10 – Rough Trade – Brooklyn, NY

Mar 12 – Middle East – Boston , MA

Mar 13-18 – SXSW (official showcases TBA)