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Introducing: Molly Kate Kestner

Thursday 04 January 2018
Words Alice Bell

After being propelled into the spotlight whilst still at high school when she wrote the viral track ‘His Daughter’, which in less than two weeks earned over 1.5 million views and currently sits at 15 million, Molly Kate Kestner is one to watch in 2018. Whilst writing her own content she has also been writing for established artists Kelly Clarkson and Wiz Khalifa and has recently been selected to be part of JEEPs new campaign. Recently, Molly unveiled her moving new single “Footprints” – which you can view here. See below for our exclusive interview with her:

Hi Molly! To start with, tell us about the first song you ever wrote:

The first song I wrote was actually my song “His Daughter”. I wrote it when I was 17, but I didn’t put it up online until a year later.

Your song ‘His Daughter’ went viral when you were still in high school. Tell us about that – what was that experience like? 

So overwhelming! I remember sitting in class at school trying to focus. But every time I looked at my phone I had 100 new notifications. Thankfully, I had great people around me to help me navigate all the craziness.

We love your recent single ‘Footprints’! Can you tell us the story behind it?

Footprints is dedicated to my little brother Nathan. But really the song can be for anyone who has someone that looks up to them. We all have those people, that are watching us and learning from us whether we like it or not… the ones who will follow our footprints.

You not only write songs for yourself but for other artists. Does your songwriting process change when you’re writing for yourself instead of other people? If so, how?

Not really. I always write from my heart & to be honest, I usually don’t know if the song is for me or for someone else until I finish it. I just write whatever story is in me at the moment in time.

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You’ve been playing loads of shows recently – what’s been the best part about that?

I love watching the songs I’ve created connect with people in person. I know people stream & buy music online, but getting to sing directly to someone and see the way it affects them & getting to talk with them afterwards… that is just such an amazing thing.

You’re writing loads, you’re performing loads, you’re so busy! What do you do to relax?

Honestly, my very favorite thing to do is just lay on the couch with my husband and do absolutely NOTHING. Just being with him is my best vacation.

Finally – who would it be your dream to collaborate with and why?

I would love to collaborate with Ed Sheeran. I’ve always loved his music & I mean we are signed to the same label so I don’t know.. I feel like it could happen someday!

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