Meet Model Frankie Herbert

Thursday 15 February 2018

Frankie Herbert opened the pages of Vogue and unknowingly stumbled upon a photo of herself.

“I was honestly so uncool about it. I opened the magazine, and I was like ‘What? No! That’s me!” Herbert says.

After being scouted from her Instagram account, the 22-year-old model from Hampshire went from having walked two catwalks to walking for Dolce & Gabbana during the 2018 Milan Fashion Week Show. She was then driven to Venice to do a campaign for Dolce & Gabbana as well — her first ever campaign.


“I’d never been to Milan,” Herbert says. “Then suddenly I’m being asked to walk alongside Christian Combs, Cameron Dallas, and all these really cool kids doing interesting things. And I was like, ‘Omg I can’t believe they want me there too. Thats crazy.’”

She has now been featured in Vogue twice, but it still amazes her; she describes her burst of fame as “one of the weirdest but most amazing things.”


“Know who you are, and don’t be swayed by what you see on Instagram.”


Although she has become an international supermodel virtually overnight, she maintains an air of normality. One of her priorities is continuing to be a humble and kind person wherever her career takes her.

“I think sometimes models forget that everyone at a shoot is working, too,” Herbert says. “People massively forget to say thank you and be gracious. I just want to be the best model I can be in the sense of just being a good person.”


Although her career was kickstarted via Instagram, Herbert warns younger girls not to spend too much time on the application. She is very aware of the negative effects of comparing yourself to other top models.

“If you want to be a model and you’re young, know your look,” Herbert says. “Know who you are, and don’t be swayed by what you see on Instagram.”


Eventually, Herbert aspires to start her own business in the fashion industry. But for right now, she’s extremely happy with her career. She says she has the world’s most fun job, and she wishes to model for as long as people will have her.



Make up –  Alice Howlett using Bumble and Bumble Hair and YSL Beauty
MUA & HAIR – Alice Howlett
Stylist – Jared Green
Photographer – Ryan Saradjola
Assistant – Laurel Fish