Video Premiere: TELYKast and Aly Ryan ‘Better’

Thursday 18 April 2019

Dance-electronic trio TELYKast just released their latest single featuring vocalist Aly Ryan called ‘Better.’

The band cites that “We want this song to spark a movement of self-love, self-esteem, and self-care for people who have gone through this… We hope that everyone enjoys it and can find something positive that they can take from it and use in their own life to better themselves. We invite everyone to share a story of struggle they’ve had in a relationship and how they got better. Whether it be abuse, mental health, or any kind of trauma, we want people to be able to be open about it and share their story in the hopes that they will themselves be better.”

TELYKast is made up of Trevor, Linus, and Kyle who each bring their own unique background and experiences to shape their sound. The trio eat, sleep, and breathe music, literally turning their bedrooms into professional studios. They make their music exclusively with instruments, which is reflected in the band’s organic sound.