In Photos with LA Rapper Wes Period

Monday 30 April 2018
Photography Jack Bridgland

We caught up with Wes to talk influences, imitation and expectations.

Hey Wes, the video for Wutda Hell is funky and old-school, but with your own twist. What was the inspiration behind that video?

I think the Wutda Hell video came together the way it did for two reasons: Steve Payne (co-director) is a genius and killed the 3D modelling, and because I love Jamiroquai and wanted to do something fun and performance based like his Virtual Insanity video. I’m always looking at different things from the past for inspiration from music to fashion, and definitely for visuals. Sometimes I use something from the past as a reference point but then I try to let go of it completely to during the process in order to create something new. I never want something I make to feel like I’m imitating a different era.



You’ve had some pretty huge success this year. What’s it like to go from meeting up with artists on Craiglist to working with one of the most well-known songwriters?

It’s definitely crazy. The way my story took a turn is the way that I told myself didn’t exist. I had to manage my expectations to survive because my heart had been broken over and over hoping and wishing for opportunities to work out. So, to be discovered by Justin Tranter on an Instagram story is pretty unreal. As much as I know I suffered and struggled, to get a chance to do this at the highest level, it still feels like some fairy tale type of shit.



The outfits in the video definitely stand out, and I know you’ve done some modeling this year for Faith Connexion. How do you think your style & music overlap?

As soon as me and Steve figured out the idea I instantly knew I wanted my friend Lee (most people know her as @velvetcloouds) to style it. I can’t even really put my finger on her style, it’s just some super future, fly shit. I feel the same about my own personal style in a way, it’s hard to categorise, it’s like my music, it’s eclectic and I just try my best to stay true to myself.



Your debut project comes out on February 17th of this year. What should fans expect from that release? 

Don’t expect anything. Just listen.