Monday 30 April 2018
Photography Edward Cooke

Over the past couple of years, Dougie Poynter and Burberry face, Todd Dorigo kept running across each other and decided to put some songs together. Next thing, friend-of-friends Corey Alexander was on board to play drums, and INK was born.

Citing references including Nirvana and artist Ralph Steadman, the sound is a touch darker and certainly more anthemic than previous projects. We caught up with the boys ahead of the launch of their debut HEAVEN EP to chat art, fashion, and even a bit of music.

First of all, why INK? Who came up with the name and what does it mean?

I think INK may have been the first name we came up with and it seemed to follow us around until we finally surrendered to it. Around the time Dougie and I were writing all these songs, we were quite captivated by an artist called Ralph Steadman. He begins each of his works with a random splash of indian ink on a page and then he lets its shape dictate how and what the illustration comes to be. I guess we saw the link between that and how our songs start with a random idea which lead us to its conclusion.


How did you all come together?

I would bump into Dougie in the dark corners of London for a couple years before we eventually ended up with acoustic guitars in our hands. It took a good few months of sporadically hanging out before we wrote a song called Heaven which is the title track on our EP and that was the moment we realised we’d stumbled across new territory and felt that it was something worth nurturing. After writing more songs, we knew we wanted to draw a drummer into our lair and a good friend told us to look no further than Corey.

Nirvana, Green Day, and Muse – all famous 3 piece bands. Have any of these bands, or any other bands for that matter, inspired this project?

When we wrote the songs and made demos in the living room, we never thought about what kind of band we wanted to be. We just followed each song as it came and put down whatever sounded good to us. We thought we’d worry about the rest later. We appreciate Nirvana and may well have drawn inspiration from them but not because of their head count. We were just inspired by great songs and pulled from a lot of different areas and art forms.


How would you describe your new sound compared to previous work you’ve put out?

I would say our sound is perhaps a lot bigger than my previous work. It feels like it’s suited to a larger room somehow. To me personally, it also feels closer to the bone lyrically. The subject matter is new ground and it almost feels like an unveiling of sorts.

Some of you have dabbled in fashion before. Do you believe the relationship between music and fashion is important?

I think there is definitely a symbiotic relationship between music and fashion. They give and take from each other. We were discussing earlier how it’s interesting that growing up, it was so easy to tell what kind of music someone listened to purely by what they were wearing. Teenage fashion was a badge of honour to pledge allegiance to your preferred genre. In todays climate where we live in the playlist era, you often see people wearing an outfit borrowing from multiple genres of music. It just shows that music and fashion are a reflection of each other in realtime.

What’s the plan for 2018?

We plan on hitting the road and developing our live set as much as possible. We’re also really keen to follow up this EP with another before the year is out. So far, we’ve merely introduced ourselves to the world and now we want to get our feet under the table and get properly acquainted.


 Check out INK below.