Tuesday 01 May 2018

Between finishing her tour with Yxng Bane, performing at SXSW, and catching a train to Brighton for her first gig on her upcoming tour with Lotto Boyzz, Tayá is always on the move. Originally from Liverpool and only 19 years young, she has already worked with big name producers such as DJ Khalil, Al Shux, and Sango.

Tayá’s captivating vocals and catchy pop R&B tracks are engaging audiences, and she’s just getting started. With a busy festival season coming up, we caught her for a quick chat.

Did you always know you wanted to sing?

Yeah I think from a young age I really loved to sing. I don’t think I could ever see myself doing anything else.

Who did you listen to growing up that influenced your music today?

I listened to loads of people growing up. When I was younger I listened to a lot of Motown, Diana Ross, The Supremes; and as I got older I got into Ashanti and Jojo.

What was it like performing at SXSW?

Really fun! I had never been before, but I loved it. I loved all the little venues, cafes, and checking out so much new music from the US. It was cool to see everyone who came from the UK as well.

What was a highlight of SXSW for you?

There was a showcase at the BBC Introducing stage and when I performed, people knew the words to my songs and hearing people singing along felt really good.

What was the process like working on your EP with producers such as DJ Khalil, Al Shux, and Sango?

It was so fun, that’s what I love to do. Go in and produce, just make music. Every producer is so different, they each have their own style in working and making things sound amazing.

What are you most excited about for touring with Lotto Boyzz and Yxng Bane?

I just finished the Yxng Bane tour which was so fun, I loved touring with him. I’m on the train now to my first show with Lotto Boyz tonight, I love touring with other people and seeing what their fans are like.

How was it working on ‘Skin’ with Lotto Boyzz?

So fun, I wrote ‘Skins’ a year ago now and wrote it really quickly, in like 2 hours. Just as we were about to release it I was like “something’s missing”, and I loved Lotto’s music so I said “let’s get Lotto on it” and when they heard it they loved it.

What would your dream collaboration be?

That’s a hard one, it always changes. I have so many different obsessions! It’s so random but I love Shawn Mendes, I just love his voice. I was listening to him on the radio the other day and I think he’d be cool to collaborate with.

Where do you hope to see your career in 5 years?

I always say the same thing, I hope I’m still making music that I love and making music that I’m proud of.  I want to keep making it for people who love it as much as I do.

Check out the video for Skin now: