L.A. Series

L.A. Series: Ed Munro

Thursday 31 May 2018
Photography Jack Bridgland

When you first glance at Ed Munro, you may think he looks vaguely familiar, but you probably won’t be able to place it. Here’s why: Munro served as the model for the Boy with Apple painting, a much-discussed plot point in Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. Unlike the movie describes, the work isn’t an ancient antique; instead, it was curated for the movie itself in 2014. The filmmakers were looking for a ‘a beautiful boy on the cusp of manhood. Blonde, smooth skin as white as that of milk, of impeccable provenance’, and the then 12-year-old Munro fit the part.  

‘You could say that was the start of my career as it one of the first jobs I ever did’, Munro says, ‘but I’ve always known what I want to do and where I want to go’.

Over six years later, and the 19 year old still fits the description, minus the cusp of manhood part. His blossoming career now transcends just sitting for paintings; the Stoke Newington-native is a full-time dancer and model.

A self-proclaimed dance addict, Munro stumbled into a dance lesson with a friend’s encouragement and then began vigorous training in the years to follow. He now performs on a plethora of mediums, gracing stages and music videos alike. Munro says the experiences all vary making it impossible to pick a favourite performance.

‘On stage you get a massive adrenaline rush, and it’s a feeling you can’t really explain’, Munro says. ‘Whereas, I love being part of videos. I enjoy being involved with something where the end result is a collaboration of so many different talents’.

In addition to his talent, Munro’s success is likely due to his undeniably striking look that translates extraordinarily well under a camera lens. Similar to his discovery of dance, Munro seemingly stumbled upon modelling because his brother is a photographer. Now, he’s forsaken his brother’s test shots for the Face & Body ASOS campaign.

‘I had my hair dyed, my nails done and some mad make-up’, he says. ‘I felt pampered’.

Whether he’s dressed and donning makeup or casual posing for his Instagram, Munro has the ability to display massive depths of emotion through his demeanor. It would not be surprising if his face was plastered on billboards everywhere soon.