L.A Series

L.A. Series: Fenty Model Widny Bazile

Monday 14 May 2018
Words Alice Bell
Photography Jack Bridgland

You may have seen her in Big Sean’s Puma ads, or maybe you saw her in her viral faux ad campaign for Rihanna’s makeup brand, Fenty. It seems that suddenly, Widny Bazile’s glowing face is everywhere. But the truth is, her success has been anything but sudden. Bazile’s been creating since the age of 15, and was setting goals long before that.

‘I’ve never once stopped since I started,’ Bazile says. ‘It’s my life, and as I grow, it’ll grow with me.’

And her success is definitely growing. At just 21, Bazile has been featured in Vogue, and starred in music videos for Wiz Khalifa and French Montana.

The inception of her ever-evolving creative career began on her first day at a foster home in America, but she largely attributes her birthplace of Haiti to gifting her the morals, boundaries, loyalty and respect she holds so dearly today.

‘Growing up with the people that were around me from my neighbour to my father — I couldn’t lie nor be a bad child without having to take in the consequences,’ Widny says. ‘I truly only knew how to be my best self.’

Her incredible moral compass shines through in both her work and her conversations; she remains shockingly humble despite having worked with some of the largest people in a variety of industries, from Zendaya to Big Sean. Working with the biggest names, though, is on the bottom of her priority list, she says.

‘It’s always amazing to know I’ve worked with great artists, but the most important thing to me is knowing what I’ve accomplished, which is my job and passion,’ Widny says. ‘Honestly I’d love to work with whoever has morals, respect, the love for art and who is exactly all about what they preach.’

However, Bazile truly just has her work ethic to thank for her success. She’s a self-described ‘working machine,’ constantly trying to prove herself and her potential with the ultimate goal of just being respected.

This hard-working attitude is exemplified in the Fenty ads that went viral. The commingling of Rihanna and Bazile — despite being a mockup campaign — took the internet by storm. Bazile had simply created the ad campaign herself because “I don’t care to get hired,” Bazile says. “I hire myself cause that’s how it’s always been.”

Bazile hopes her life remains a ‘working vacation,’ an environment that fosters her creativity so well that she won’t need to take a break from it.

‘Art is me, and I am art,’ Bazile says. ‘My work speaks volumes, and no matter if I’m working for myself or others, it will always be the best time of my life.’