Seeb x Dagny: The Making of ‘Drink About’

Monday 14 May 2018

We get an exclusive look into one of this year’s biggest collaborations.

We were thrilled when we heard the news that worldwide chart toppers Seeb joined forces with emerging popstar Dagny on their latest single, ‘Drink About’.  The track was the first single to be lifted from Seeb’s debut EP, ‘Nice To Meet You,’ and  has already amassed over millions of streams globally.

On the single, Seeb says, ‘Drink About’ is a catchy but also a melancholic song. We thought Dagny’s vocal could fit the track, so we reached out and spent a day in the studio together. It was the perfect match – her attitude and energy truly lifts the song, in addition to her being incredible professional.

Today we get an excluisve insight into the meetings of minds and a glimpse at the making of the track! Enjoy.

‘Nice To Meet You’ is out now.