Wednesday 06 June 2018
Photography Bram VanderMark

Australian born Wafia is a force to be reckoned with. From starting out playing weddings and posting her work on Tumblr the 24-year-old singer and musician has already amassed an impressive collection of expressive electronic pop that traverses the emotional spectrum—from heartache to new sensations, fractured familial experiences to societal and political alienation. We caught up with the lovely lady to chat music, politics and more…

For those unaware, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Wafia and I’m an artist from Australia.

You’ve had a global upbringing. How do you think it has shaped your music?

I think it helped me be observant and more understanding of other cultures. I’d like to think that it helped my approach to songwriting in that I always want everything to feel unifying.

Your lyrics are often quite bold and don’t shy away from big issues. Has this always been a conscious decision?

Not really in the moment. I just write whatever feels right and honest in the moment. That’s all I can do.

You wrote Bodies as a protest record. How do you view the relationship between politics and music?

I feel like it’s a really great time for that. Childish Gambino’s This Is America is the most perfect modern example of that. I don’t think every artist needs to be political if it’s not in their nature. Personally though, I feel like I’d be lying by omission if I didn’t talk about the things that bother me, political or not.

Are there any artists that you look to for inspiration?

Childish of course, SZA, Janelle Monet. Those are the ones I can’t get enough of right now.

Your new track Better Not with Louis the Child is a summer banger. How were they to work with?

Really great and easy to work with. We were friends prior to jumping into the studio so it made that process that much easier.

Speaking of summer, what are your plans for festival season?

A lot of music and shows!