Introducing: alice

Wednesday 11 July 2018

alice recently sprung on to the music scene with the release of her debut video ‘My Name Is alice’ and first single ‘GIRLS X BOYS.’

A pop star in the making who names the likes of Madonna and Britney Spears as her inspiration, alice is set on bringing back the big choreographed dance numbers and productions that made those women shine. A powerful performer and singer already, alice continues to grow her career with the recent release of ‘Heartbreak Hotel.’

We caught up with alice to chat more about her music:

You’ve talked about how the spider in your intro ‘My Name Is alice’ is symbolic of the fiercer side of you. Will we get to hear the vulnerable side of you in future releases?

100%! I’ve written and recorded so many songs and there’s definitely some which show more vulnerable aspects to my personality. I think very visually when I’m in the studio so often I’ll be thinking about what the video and stage show will look like when I’m writing so the bangers come a little easier in that sense. But I’m not afraid to open up and go deep at the same time. Heartbreak Hotel is a groovy uptempo song but the subject matter is still pretty raw. Going through any sort of heartbreak is always horrible and I thought, why don’t they have somewhere we can go and get ourselves fixed? Sign me up!

You’ve said that you want your videos to have choreography that people can learn, is this inspired by your dancing with Britney and Christina videos in childhood? How else have these two influenced your music?

Yes, and Michael Jackson. He is probably the biggest inspiration dance-wise. I loved how he made dancing at the core of all his videos. I’d sit there for hours in front of the TV copying the routines. Janet too. She’s still busting out the moves. In terms of vocals, I’ve always loved Christina amongst many others. And Britney – well she’s just the ultimate pop star. Iconic. I’m going to try and see her when she’s over here this year.

When would you say singing and dancing transitioned from being something you did for fun to a career aspiration?

I would say even as a kid singing and dancing and acting was always more than just a hobby. I seriously think I’ve been working my whole life to get up to this point! When I was 11 I played Annie in a local production. I remember thinking then that performing was definitely the career for me. The studio/writing songs aspect of the job came a little later, when I was at college, but the singing and dancing part – I’ve been doing that my whole life dreaming of being a pop star.

People are already comparing you to the likes of Madonna and Britney, how does it feel to be held up next to such icons?

Who said that?! I need to buy them a drink! That’s a very flattering thing to hear and encouraging as it means that the artist I aspire to be is coming across. There has definitely been a lack of dancing and choreography and big style performances over the past few years in pop music and I really want to bring it back. The dream is for young girls and boys to see me on stage or on youtube or whatever and be inspired to go and start singing and dancing. I’m on my way to rehearsals in a minute for a show I have coming up and we’re going full out with dancers and props and a bathtub of glitter and confetti! It’s going to be epic and I intend to make every performance as creative as I can. That’s definitely where Madonna and Britney’s heads are at too, I reckon.

Your debut video as well as ‘GIRLS X BOYS’ were darker and edgier than what we’ve been seeing on the pop scene recently. Is this going to be a trademark of your style?

I’m so glad we started with that song as it was a definitely bit of statement in terms of the style. The bigger pop tunes with more obvious melodies will come, but I wanted to start with a song with an edge to show I’m not here to mess about!

Tell us about the opera music you sang along with growing up?

My mum used to play it all the time around the house and I guess I just naturally picked it up! You could call them my very first singing lessons. I don’t sing it anymore – the Mariah’s and Whitney’s of the world soon took over and I started singing along to the divas!

You were recently involved in a bidding war between some big labels. What was it like to have labels like that wanting to work with you?

It’s a mixture of very flattering and very stressful! This was all happening before I even had a manager so I was kind of dealing with it by myself. When you’re young the record contract seems like the holy grail for many artists but there are so many factors you need to consider – what other artists do they have on their roster, what’s the label’s vision for you as an artist, what connections do they have, who will be you’re A&R? Virgin EMI are a label with a lot of history obviously but I was more interested in what they had planned for the future. Ted Cockle is very supportive and really champions new artists and I enjoy working with them.

What’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to you this year?

Wow, so many things! I guess finally putting music out there into the big wide world has been the most exciting. I’ve sat on some for these songs for over 18 months now so it’s very exciting when they’re released and you can shout loud and proud about them! It’s still early days for me as an artist so I’m enjoying absorbing everything which is going on, thinking what I could do better and trying to figure out what the next few years are going to look like. I love making music videos so I’m thinking up mad ideas about what we could do for the next ones.

If you had to choose, what would be your favorite Madonna song?

Vogue. I defy anyone not to dance to that tune when it comes on. In fact, I’m going to put some vogueing in my next routine. Thanks for reminding me.

Listen to “Heartbreak Hotel” below: