Introducing: Liza Owen

Thursday 05 July 2018

Hey Liza, for those who aren’t aware of you yet, tell us a bit about yourself.

Ok, let’s see…I’m a half English half Cambodian singer-songwriter extraordinaire!
I write all my own music as well as occasionally writing for other artists. I technically live in London but I’ve been on a 5-month hiatus making music in LA which is going to be very hard to tear myself away from!

You’ve been working with writers and producers who have worked with artists across a wide range of genres. What would you say are the driving influences behind your sound?

There’s definitely some R&B and soul influences in there with a touch of pop. Growing up, my mum would play music from artists like Al Green, Nina Simone & Aretha Franklin non-stop so that absolutely had an effect on me. Then as a teenager, I had a love affair with out and out pop music. Christina, Mariah…Rihanna! All the divas. That’s probably where my love for a big chorus comes from.

You’ve spoken previously about the pride you take in your Cambodian heritage. Could you talk a bit about how that’s influenced what you do?

I mean I feel like its influenced my work in a few ways. My stage design when I perform for example. I wanted it to feel like a beautiful lush jungle so we put a million plants and palms around me to create that feeling…massive pain in the arse for the venue? Yes. But it looked insane so totally worth it. I’d also say that my heritage is just a huge driving force for me to succeed and do something to represent Cambodia and bring more awareness. It’s a small but incredible country that people don’t know a lot about.

You’ve spent some time touring with Jonas Blue. How’s that been?

Jonas! what a legend. I had the best time on the road with him and learned so much about myself as a performer. We did shows for crowds as big as 90,000 so you can imagine how insane that feeling was. I found out that the buzz I get from performing for huge crowds is like no other. It gives me the ultimate high.

You’ve said previously that latest single Fallin is a melancholic look back on a past relationship. Does the person from said relationship know about the song, and if so, what do they think about it?

I honestly don’t know if they do. We don’t talk anymore but if I had to guess how he would feel hearing it, I’d say he would feel exactly the same and probably get in a weird happy/sad state reminiscing over it all. It was a beautiful relationship but I guess it wasn’t meant to last.

You are an artist that bridges the gap between music and fashion incredibly well; how do you see the relationship between music and fashion?

For me as an artist, one flows into the other. Both music and fashion allow me to express myself fully. When I’m writing a song for example sometimes I’m already imagining what the music video would look like, what I’m wearing and how everybody else in the video is styled to create one overall feeling that reflects the song.

Being someone who people follow for your style as well as your music, who is your personal style icon and why?

Why you gotta make me choose just one! I guess it would have to be Rihanna because she can be so bold and daring when she wants to be, and then throw on a white tee and jeans and look equally as bada**. I’ve also gotta give a special mention to Kali Uchis who I’ve been crushing on pretty hard. Her dedication to her 60’s / 70’s style is crazy! she’s a total babe. Couldn’t do it…that was two.

Watch the music video for “FALLIN” below: