Introducing: Million Miles

Wednesday 25 July 2018

There’s something quite mesmerising about a voice like Million Miles’. Her delicate voice is soothing to the ears, but yet there’s a deep soul within the chords that strikes in you in the nerves. It’s invigorating, and seductive. Born and raised in Paris, her soulful notes were inspired by her parents’ love of American Soul music. Of course, having Marvin Gaye as a family friend would no doubt have helped as well. She trained at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, and spent time in the home of American Soul, Nashville. Her love for the states has subtly seeped into her music – accompanied by the same gritt many legendary soul singers have mastered in their careers.

With a gift like hers, we are more than keen to see where this lady’s career will take her.

We were given the pleasure to chat to Million Miles about her new music, as well as her love for the old:

Tell us about your creative process

There is no ‘formula’… I draw inspiration from everything and everyone around me, everyday life. I have hundreds of voice memos with ideas and notebooks (a lot of them) with lyric ideas but somehow, I actually never go back looking for them in a writing session… They’re in my head some of them come back when I sit down at the piano and start playing.

Why was your time in Nashville such a special time for you?

The first time I went there I was alone, ready to meet new people and discover new places, new music. It’s nice to travel alone. It felt really special because I got to meet those great people, I got to write and record with some amazing musicians. Also being in Nashville I thought ‘Ok, I can have a great breakfast, write 2 songs (possibly more), hang out with very interesting people and drink too much in one day, and repeat the next day… that’s the dream!’.

How was your time at Berklee College of Music?

As you would expect from a school, it was rich in information and experimentation. It was also amazing for me to land in the States from Paris, it opened my eyes but mostly my ears to a lot of new music like Jazz, world music and the great American songbook… It really motivated me to up my game creatively and pursue a career as a recording artist, a songwriter, and a producer.

How different or similar is your new song, ‘If Only’ to your previous music?

I say ‘bitch’ in it and I usually never swear in songs. That’s a first.

Who were some of your favourite music artists growing up?

There was obviously a lot of soul music playing at home, Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye, Carole King, D’Angelo, Erykah Badu…

What drew you to American Soul music? Is that a genre you try to implement to your music?

My parents did, they definitely did. That’s probably why comes naturally to me, because I was listening to it so young. My dad is a great blues piano player, he’s a fan of Ray Charles, he’s got a gift for blues. I probably inherited that. It could be in my genes.

If you could collaborate with any artists, who would it be?

Many, but how cool would it be to write a song with Bill Withers, I mean… He’s the man.

If there was a film about your life, who would you want to play yourself?

That is an excellent question — this thought never crossed my mind! Probably Yael Naim. I don’t know if she’s an actress but we have similar hair and she can sing. I also happen to know her from Paris and I adore her.

You grew up in Paris, and lived in the States and London for a bit – if you could write a love song to any of the cities you’ve lived in, which one would you choose?

Well.. The city of love mon cher!

Which one of your songs do you feel is more special to you – and why?

They’re all special to me, but there’s one that is on my next EP, it’s called “Something Good”… It’s pretty special because it talks about someone very special.

What is your current favourite song/artist at the moment?

There are plenty, but to name a few, Jordan Mackampa, Jessie Ware, Jorja Smith, Bruno Major…

When was the moment you finally decided to pursue music as a career? 

Every morning.

Get your tickets to see Million Miles live in concert at the Camden Assembly here.