New Songs from Chance the Rapper

Monday 23 July 2018

Chance the Rapper has made an epic return with four new songs!

On 19 July, the rap artist dropped four new songs into the mix, including, ‘I Might Need Security’, ‘Work Out’, ‘Wala Cam’, and ’65th & Ingleside.’

The 25-year-old rapper has already garnered praise for his latest releases, including his quick hit ‘I might need security.’ The track, according to Rolling Stone – encompasses a sense of anger and brings forth the desire to continue to fight for social justice in America today.

CTR has said the song has been remixed from the theme song of popular children’s show, ‘Arthur’. The art for the song depicts a pop art of the show’s main character’s fist – which has been made into a popular meme in recent years.

A new album is rumoured to drop later this year, but for now, we can at least enjoy the little tasters for what’s next to come for the rapper.