Premiere: VRWRK

Friday 13 July 2018

A psychiatrist, a psychologist, and a graphic designer walk into a studio…

That’s part of the story of VRWRK. Pronounced VR-WORK, the trio is made up of Matt Sey, Jergen Callebaut, and Salem Khazali who are a psychologist, psychiatrist, and graphic designer by day, pop-tronica band by night. Already used to the stage from their time performing at festivals all over Europe, VRWRK recently signed to X-Ray Touring and will be headlining at Corsica Studio on November 1.

Today they premiere the video for ‘Different Crowd.’ This single is the opening track for their upcoming LP ‘On The Outside,’ set to release August 10. VRWRK describe ‘Different Crowd’ as the “Rosetta Stone” to their album- “The piece of the puzzle that indicates the rest.”

The video is shot on the rooftops of London, highlighting the city’s beautiful skylines. VRWRK writes of the video, “We wanted to create something surreal, hopeful and fleeting — something that captured the melancholic beauty of this particular London summer.”

Given the track’s laid-back synth rhythms and lingering vocals, we at Spindle think VRWRK is anything but fleeting and look forward to what’s to come.

Watch the video for ‘Different Crowd’ below: