Premiere: Youngr – ‘Lost In Translation’ (Behind-the-scenes)

Tuesday 24 July 2018

“You know when you hear a song and then watch the video and that video captures exactly what you were feeling about the song. I wanted to create that feeling with this video”.

Musician, Youngr has released a music video which features a social experiment in line with his track, ‘Lost in Translation.’ In his latest vid, the artist has featured a social experiment where individuals cannot speak to each other at all, but instead use their body language and gestures instead.

On ‘Lost in Translation’, the singer explains: “This song says a lot about me and the world I am living in. Being fortunate enough to take my live show around the world and meet all these amazing people, it puts real perspective on life. I feel like this song was being written in my head over the past 3 years with every new experience and person I came across”.

The singer has had a strong start with his career, after raking in 60M global streams for his hits, ‘including ‘Drive’, ‘Remember’, and ‘Ooh Lordy’ in 2018, as well as his earlier hits ‘Give It Up’, his viral take on Temper Trap’s ‘Sweet Disposition’ and the incredible ‘93’. Just to add the cherry on top to his musical sundae – he’s even achieved a cool 30M+ views on his videos.

Just from his latest video alone, it’s clear that this talent’s future is a bright one.