Introducing: Rumours

Thursday 26 July 2018

A London (via Italy and Norway) electro-pop trio, Rumours make meticulously crafted tunes and put on a dynamic live show. In the wake of their nomination for Best Electronic Act 2018 at the Unsigned Music Awards, we thought it was a good time for a little catch-up.

What kind of music inspires you?

It’s definitely more than one genre. We think that experimenting and trying to blend different influences can be difficult, but if done right the result can be really special and innovative. We’re constantly trying to find the right balance and to create our own sound and identity.

How did you three meet, and when did the idea of becoming a three piece come about?

So, me and Fede have been friends since our teenage years. We grew up together in Italy and then moved to London at the same time. We worked on different kinds of projects before Rumours, all of which brought us closer to realising what kind of music we really wanted to be making. We got to a point where we just knew what we needed was a female artist to join us. Quite soon after deciding on that, as if it was destiny (I think it was…) Fede met Marion at an event thrown by the music school all three of us went to here in London.

What was it like to find out that you’ve been nominated for Best Electronic Act at the Unsigned Awards?

We were very flattered, and it was completely unexpected. We only found out about it when a friend sent us a message to congratulate. It was cool to be nominated alongside some great emerging artists from the UK music scene. To us, that felt as an achievement in its own, even if we didn’t make it to the short lists.

If you could describe your band in three words what would they be and why?

Diverse: We all have very different personalities. Which is mostly a great thing because we all contribute to the project in individual ways and see things from different perspectives. It’s been challenging too at times, but we have grown and developed together over the last few years and really learnt how to work together and make the most of our differences.

Independent: We have learnt so much along the way and are still learning about so many different aspects of the music industry. A lot that has nothing to do with actually making music, but is still vital to succeed. We have a brilliant booking agent but that’s about it, everything else is up to us, and there are a lot of things we have to think of.

Honest: Making music really is something we love doing. We always look forward to being together and creating, and to be able to share that and to put it to life on stage together. Obviously, we want to be as successful as possible, but this project is the expression of something that comes from within us, not just a product to sell.

What city is your favourite to perform in?

Haven’t performed in too many yet. Have to say that Oslo was a particularly beautiful experience… but London is our home and to be fair, here the audience is always ready to have a good time and we have had some of our best gigs here.

Do you have any weird fan stories, and if so what’s that strangest encounter you’ve had?

Since we all have such strange and diverse backgrounds, it was particularly funny when Marion had spent the summer in the arctic and flew back to London just two days before a gig. Someone she knows from up there and had seen just a few days before, randomly showed up at our gig here in London… That was definitely a strange one. We have also had people write our lyrics up on the internet and they have been completely wrong and a little bit funny. But we do appreciate the effort and someone wanting to share our stuff!