Spindle Meets

Spindle Meets: The Vamps

Thursday 19 July 2018
Photography Edward Cooke

To say that the Vamps’ musical journey has been extraordinary is an understatement. At a recent concert in South Shields, the boys wrangled a crowd of 20,000 spectators in the sunny open-air venue – proving that their fan base extends to every corner of the UK, as well as worldwide.  It’s no surprise that their rise to fame and recognition has consistently remained strong over the past few years – especially considering the fact that they as a group were able to utilise the power of social media. The boys had met and formed the band via the Youtube, MySpace and Facebook worlds and even shared their earlier work via their youtube channel.

With a headlining US tour set to start in the Autumn, and their new album ‘Night and Day: Day Edition’ – it’s clear to say that there’s no stopping these boys, and here at Spindle, we’re just excited as you all for what the future holds for them.

Despite their busy schedule, we were lucky enough to have Brad, Tristan, James and Connor stop by to have a chat. The boys talk their favourite music memories, their latest album,and much more.

Watch their Spindle Meets interview session below: