Introducing: Drax Project

Thursday 09 August 2018

From busking in their hometown in Wellington, New Zealand to touring with Camila Cabello, this pop quartet are on the right path to a bright career. Since kicking off their careers in 2014, the group have already gone platinum for their track, Woke Up Late – which has also reached 10M streams on Spotify. It’s no wonder, their sound is upbeat, and an absolute mood booster. Their music is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and get you wiggling in your seat.

We caught up with Drax Project who talk more about their sound and recent track releases:

Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

As individuals, we have a lot of different musical influences. We listen to heaps of music so it’s difficult to narrow it down but people like Bruno Mars, John Mayer, Ariana Grande, and SZA spring to mind.

Tell us about your latest EP ‘Noon’…

Noon is 5 songs that represent a time in our lives where we were experiencing things as a band for the first time so the songs have this reoccurring theme of experiencing something new. The songs are fun, bright and were super fun to record!

Do you have any pre-gig rituals?

We call our friend in New Zealand and sing a song with them. We’ve been doing this for years and they always pick up. The one time we didn’t call them, we played our worst show ever. It’s basically the most important thing we do at gigs.

How was opening for Ed Sheeran?

Mind-blowing. We’ve never seen that many people in one place ever, to do 3 shows was special and we’re eternally grateful to Ed and his team! We were definitely nervous before each show but as soon as the first song started, we got into our zone and just had fun.

Who is the one artist you would love to collaborate with?

This is the hardest question ever but Chance the Rapper is the man.
Woke Up Late has had 10 million streams + right? How does it feel to know its doing so well?

It’s crazy, especially thinking about how we wrote it in one of our bedrooms in New Zealand. We still get a buzz hearing it on the radio! It’s definitely motivated us to work harder and write more

If you had to pick someone to remix your songs, who would you choose?

We listen to heaps of electronic music and have always loved Flume so it would be cool to hear what he would do with our songs.

What is your songwriting process?

It varies from song to song but generally, one of us will come to the group with a little idea which then gets developed by all 4 of us. We each have equal say in the songwriting process and will often write parts for each other’s instrument

Do you have a go-to remedy for when you feel creatively stuck?

Table tennis. Whenever we feel like a break in the studio, it’s a race to the table down the hall and chaos ensues

What do you love the most about touring? What was it like supporting Camila Cabello?

We’ve only done it once but to see the world while doing what we love is truly unbelievable, we feel very lucky! Supporting Camila was amazing. Camila and her team treated us like family and it was crazy to play to her fans who made us feel so welcomed!

Listen to their  track Woke Up Late below: