American Apparel x Shaun Ross

Tuesday 25 September 2018

American Apparel has launched an exclusive collaboration with model and activist Shaun Ross.

The collection includes four limited-edition graphic T-Shirts, designed by Shaun Ross, which feature close-up photos of models, with various skin tones, representing abstract works of art.

Empowerment through representation shines clear throughout the collections and is a direct reflection of American Apparel’s core values of self-love, acceptance and authenticity. Ensuring a range of representation, the collection embraces uniqueness, while also challenging us to view physical difference through a lens of inclusivity.

Shaun Ross guided the creative process, using his own unique vision and personally casted the models for the campaign – both hiring a select group of his friends and people who responded to the open call.

The American Apparel x Shaun Ross collection represents the next chapter in the journey to redefine and expand traditional notions of beauty. The campaign urges us to embrace what makes us unique, confronts cultural stereotypes and celebrates all skin types and all physical attributes.