Louis III

Friday 21 September 2018

RnB-infused pop sensation, Louis III, emerged on to the scene with ‘Fever Thoughts’ and ‘Goodbumps’, which garnered extensive attention. Included in BBC Introducing’s Track of the Week, ‘Fever Thoughts’ featured swirling bass and harmonies, and nailed those all too real insomniac restless feels.

Louis’ unique sound owes its identity to growing up in London and soaking in his parents’ broad music collection from a young age. His tracks are catchy and experimental and the latest release, ‘So Far’, was eagerly anticipated and did not disappoint. The song tells a story of devotion and where it can take you. The new video for ‘So Far’ is out today!

Gaining such early support indicates the heights that Louis III can reach, so we are excited to be talking to him about his first memory of music and his creative processes.

What is your first memory of music?

Probably watching my mum dancing to Bob Marley by herself in the kitchen when I was really young. Bob Marley was actually the first ever concert she went to, so I want to make sure that it runs in the family and one day when I have kids his music is their first memory. It’s funny cause my mum is German and my dad is from the Caribbean but he doesn’t vibe with Bob at all and my mum loves reggae.

You have just released your latest single ‘So Far’, what is the story behind this track?

I really wanted to make a proper RnB slow jam track but with a future, unique kind of spin. The song is about what happens when you’re just obsessed with someone and you both can’t help taking things further and further, wherever whenever because of how much you’re into each other. My writing process always changes – on this one I went into the studio and played like 4 references that were all so different, but I wanted to blend them and take elements of all of them, and I knew the producers, Laconic, would get me no matter how confusing I was being. I think I was like ‘I want it to feel Florence and the Machine, but also Rihanna, but also dancehall, but pop, but also Tame Impala’ ha.

Who were your main influences growing up?

Aalllll the RnB that we would listen to in like year 8 – Ne-Yo, Usher etc. I also got into so much music through my older sisters, they would be listening to loads of garage, so I would absorb all the songs they were downloading on Limewire by Heartless Crew, DJ Luck and MC Neat, Craig David and so on. I listened to loads of soca and dancehall tunes that I would pick up from going to St. Lucia in the summer, like Alison Hinds and Beenie Man. My biggest influence growing up was 100% Kanye though. I must have listened to The College Dropout a million times on my Walkman.

Talking of influences, how did it feel when your track ‘Fever Thoughts’ was the BBC Introducing’s Track of the Week?

That was pretty surreal, it was my first release and it was getting played on the radio every day and I didn’t really know what was going on and whether that was normal.

Who would be your dream person to collaborate with? And why?

I would love to collaborate with someone like M.I.A. I just think she is so sick. She always puts out music that is so ahead of what everyone else is doing, and it always bangs live. I would love to do a session with her and Diplo that would be the dream team.

If you could have written any song by another artist, which one would it be?

This will probably sound weird cause it’s quite a recent song, but the last track Avicii put out with Rita Ora, ‘Lonely Together’, for me is just the most beautiful, perfect song. When I play it at the piano and think about the lyrics it really gets me, and the melodies are all so perfect and fit together so well, it’s such a good song by itself.

We love ‘Goosebumps’, as do a lot of people! Talk us through the creative process for making the single.

I went into the studio with Sky Adams and Danny Shah who I’ve done quite a bit with, they are such a sick writing team and we really know each other so always come up with something that’s really good. Sky had the guitar loop going and then me and Danny start riffing and pretty quickly came up with what we thought was the chorus but ended up being the pre-chorus. Sky made us push harder for the eventual chorus and then everything in the verses followed pretty quick after that. I had written a little diary which I showed Danny and we both picked out the word ‘Goosebumps’ which I had written and so knew what the song was going to be about.

What was it like to co-write ‘Anywhere’ with Sigma?

So good. The Sigma boys are the safest guys you could meet and so talented. Sky, Danny and I had started this song idea based on this story of a road trip I did with my girlfriend a few days before, and then a few weeks later on Sigma heard it and loved it and worked their magic on it and we all went in to the studio and finished it together. I love what they did with the song and how it’s turned out.

What is something that you haven’t done yet this year, but you’re hoping to do?

My tax return…also I really want to learn how to play guitar.