Matches Fashion Opens New Town House Store

Tuesday 04 September 2018

Matches fashion has innovated the way fashion customers consume products, with today seeing the opening of their latest shop, Carlos Place.

The Mayfair townhouse will hold a 110-piece capsule collaboration with Prada. It is expected to transform how customers interact with a retailer. Inside there’s to be a tropical garden, a cafe space with a guest chef (first being Prada-owned Marchesi a Milanese patisserie serving pink hued pastries.)

The venue will host series of talks, workshops and supperclubs that will be readily available online. Matches will be hoping to still dominate in the high end retail sector after announcing strong year growth of 50 per year year-on-year spike in its online sales. The physical store will provide a unique and innovative way for their customers to experience shopping.

With tough competition from online retailers the demand of in store experiential events has increased, consumers want an experience rather than a simple click and collect service. Customers will be treated to fitting rooms, with the ability to request clothing in a  90-minute delivery service and then being able try on their freshly purchased clothing, in one simple click.

Matches has collaborated with Prada in the opening of their new retail space.

Vogue buying Director Natalie Kingham explains “Now we can add another creative element to it all” a full unpacking of the designers influence can be displayed 360.

British set designer Robert Storey designed the rails, a immersive video installation, Miuccia Prada quotes and archive runway footage flash up on big screens.

Matches is hoping to latch on to the Gen Z shoppers who will post selfies in the Prada pop up, the tropical garden and cafe. Matches have constantly adapted to the needs of the consumer and the physicality of this new store will provide the utopian store that they have been craving.

Check out the upcoming events on Matches here.