BENJIFLOW Goes Off The ‘DEEP END’ With New Single

Wednesday 31 October 2018

BENJIFLOW has always been immersed in music. Born in North London, the producer and multi-instrumentalist started playing classical piano at the tender age of seven and was soon forced by his dad to play in church something he initially resented. Looking back, the artist realised there were more pros than cons to this and, instead, used it to his full benefit. Case in point: he can now play by ear and knows how to play the bass guitar, drums and electric/acoustic guitar. In terms of being a true musician, he is not someone you want to mess with.

Having already produced tracks for UK artists Avelino, Sippel, Wretch and co-producing with Ragz, BENJIFLOW is finally making a name for himself with his just-released single ‘DEEP END’. The track is as emotive and captivating as the man behind it. Below, we chat to the singer about his influences, creative process and next steps in music.

Your debut single ‘DEEP END’ was just released, congrats! How are you feeling now that it is out in the world?

Thank you, I feel great, I’m actually really happy that I can give all of my creativity to the world, both audio and visually.

What is the message behind ‘DEEP END’?

It’s me telling a female that I’m seeing that she can trust me, its a very wavy reassurance song to females. When I say “I’ll be there when the light fades out, are you ready for the season?” I’m saying I’ll be there through good and bad times, are you ready for the journey.

We’ve heard you’re heavily influenced by African culture and rhythm, do you try to incorporate that as much as possible into your music?

African culture is the greatest ever and African music has the greatest rhythm I’ve ever heard. The same groove can be going for 10 minutes, but it will have so much feeling and emotion behind it that you will never get bored, ever!

Can you talk us through the process of getting that succinct sound in your music?

Honestly, the process of making the music is so spiritual, every song on my EP was made through an experience. And I always want to say the most without having to say much. Musically I like space, every space is a feeling, and vocally I want to say how I feel without saying a lot, because.. I’m not that good at talking my feelings anyway haha.

Aside from releasing your own music, you’ve also produced tracks for other artists. How does that process differ from creating your own music?

With creating music for other people, you have to go into their world. You have to tap into how they’re feeling, what’s going on in their life and try to portray that the best way you can. With my own music, it’s all me. My story, my emotion, 100% of how I feel creatively.

You’re no stranger to the music industry, what have been some highs and lows of your career so far?

The highs of my career so far have been hearing people resonate with anything I produced. That always brings joy to my heart knowing someone feels the song as much as I wanted them to haha.

The lows were probably the beginning stages of taking the leap of faith to do music full time. The vision can get blurry when you have to grind while everybody around you enjoys. It’s always for the better, but taking that initial step with hard for me!    

The visuals for ‘DEEP END’ were mesmerising, how involved were you in creating that?

Thank you, it was directed by STUUPID, a duo who are brilliant, they really understood my vision. I was very involved, once they sent me the treatment I loved it, I was all the way in. I want every part of me to be 100% BenjiFlow so I am very hands-on in every way.

What’s next for you, do you have any other projects coming up? 

My second single will be dropping in January and a follow-up EP will come right after, I’m going to be around, I won’t be stopping any time soon!