Busking From A Young Age, Didrri Is Now Making His Mark On The Music Scene

Thursday 18 October 2018

Fresh from the release of his debut EP Measurements– a collection of thoughts and ideas that came from sizing himself up against the world – Didirri is set to embark on his forthcoming UK tour, armed with nothing but an acoustic guitar. Featuring on Apple Music’s ‘New Artist Of The Week’, he’s set to make his mark on the industry.

Hailing from Australia, Didirri embarked on his music career by busking through Melbourne, developing an organic storytelling dynamic, his lyrics raw but soothing. Now, Didirri is poised and ready to go, producing challenging and thoughtful tunes. We chat to this rising star about performing live at TedxTalks, his latest EP and his love for knitting!

Firstly, tell us a bit about your story and route into music…  

I was always playing in cafes in my hometown, Warrnambool. I started busking in Melbourne when I went to university. I got fired from a factory job and decided to do music 9 till 5. Scratched my guitar until there was nearly nothing left and now here we are, touring the world!

Where do you take inspiration from?

People everywhere! Their stories and my own. I definitely like exploring the golden rules of life. 

Judging by your Instagram you’ve been travelling quite a bit recently! How was it headlining for Vance Joy?  

It was pretty mind blowing. I used to bust out the front of the arenas that I’m now playing on the stage of. I love the life. Always missing home, but I’d rather be helping people in the best way I can.

Can you tell us a bit about your debut EP Measurements?

Measurements is all about exploring those first pivotal mistakes made in early adulthood. Trying to teach myself not to repeat them and learn from the hardships of others. It is redeemed at the end with a plea to connection and a consideration for the power of love and intimacy.

And do you have a favourite track on the EP, if so which one is it and why?

‘Blind You’, I love the song because it conveys a huge feeling in a simple way. When I wrote the lyrics “you don’t need me that way, you find a love to blind you” I was satisfied. It fulfilled the message I wanted perfectly.

What is your song writing process?   

No secret sauce, just put pen to paper as frequently as possible.

You started busking at a young age, how does it feel to now have your music played on national radio?

Pretty surreal, I always forget to remind myself of how far I’ve come. You always have your eyes on the next step. Stop and check yourself. It is important.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

Justin Vernon, I think he is a game changer and a b******t filter.

You were invited to perform at TedxTalks, how was that experience?

It was one of the most beautiful rooms I’ve ever played to. 5000 people simmering with anticipation, ready to be inspired. The perfect audience.

How do you prepare for a live performance? Do you have any fail-safe rituals?

I stretch, breath slowly, warm up and then I always tell myself “don’t b******t up there, be real.” Tends to put me in a good space.

And finally, where did your love for knitting come from?

My mother taught me at a young age and it slowly became my form of meditation I guess. Some people focus on ‘1’ or breath. I focus on the next stitch. It helps me keep my mental health in check.