Elusive Designer Martin Margiela Opens Up In Rare Statement

Monday 15 October 2018

A decade after leaving his namesake label – and fashion entirely – Martin Margiela received the Jury Prize at the Belgian Fashion Awards on Thursday. The famously elusive and almost totally anonymous designer sent an acceptance speech to be read in his absence, which touched on the pressures of fast fashion and social media.

Keeping his low public profile, Margiela opened up about his reason for stepping away from fashion, noting that 2008 was “the very year I felt that I could not cope any more with the worldwide increasing pressure and the overgrowing demands of trade”.

Identifying that the “overdose of information carried by social media” is “destroying the ‘thrill of wait’ and cancelling every effect of surprise”, factors he recognises as being fundamental to fashion.

While it did begin to sound like a burn to the fashion industry, the designer did note that he finds himself beginning “to notice again a growing interest for creativity in fashion, by some upcoming designers.”