Genre Transcending Artist Lando Chill Is All Parts West Coast Funk and Desert Trip-Hop

Tuesday 16 October 2018

LA-based artist, Lando Chill, makes music that encompasses all manner of genres, from hip-hop to jazz, and folk to indie rock. His genre-bending tracks illustrate an artist finding his voice, style and presence.

Now four projects deep into his rising career, Lando first emerged onto the scene with his debut For Mark, Your Son, an album inspired by the loss of his father. His second album The Boy Who Spoke to the Wind was inspired by Paulo Coelho’s book The Alchemist and was named #26 on Bandcamp Daily’s 100 Best Albums of the Year.

Since teaming up with the multi-instrumentalist, The Lasso, the duo have created a sound only possible through the symbiosis of vocalist and producer. Once again, they are back with the recent release of their album Black Ego, a collection of songs that are equal parts west coast funk and desert trip-hop.

What is your first memory of music? 

My first legit musical memory has to be Christmas time; always Nat King Cole and Luther Vandross on the system next to the tree. There’s an automatic association with those two amazing artists and the holiday season, I guess when you do a bomb ass holiday album, it’ll always stick within the memory banks of the kids whose parents were obsessed over them.

Tell me a bit about your latest single, ‘Dah Vapor’.

On Dah Vapor;

There is a pure difference between reverence and obsession, and on ‘Dah Vapor’; produced by Lasso and featuring Swansuit, we delve deep into that paradigm. We, as a consumer base, have varying levels of societal awareness in regards to the appropriation of black, brown, and queer culture, and waver between accepting it as a causality of our progression toward representation and true equality or as an aspect of colourblind or supremacist ideology rearing itself through the whitewashing of our history and the degradation of civil rights.

What made you start writing music?

Writing music began as an extension of the cathartic release poetry allowed me to exert, and seemed like the natural transition toward an art form that was always present in my life, wherever I went.

Who are the key people that influence you?

There aren’t necessarily specific artists that INFLUENCE me, but musicians like KAYTRANADA, James Blake, Andre 3000 & Anderson .Paak inspire me; and by proxy the musicians and producers who I have the privilege of working with, by creating original content that pushes us to match and or exceed their standards. I feel like there is a difference between trying to sound like someone, and being inspired to be a better, more complete artist because of someone’s dedication to the craft.

How did you end up working with The Lasso?

Lasso had recently moved to Tucson from Michigan and ended up at a show of mine. I was in the midst of finding my sound, Lasso was looking for a vocalist who could bring something other than being a wordsmith to the table. In the end, it was a match made in heaven, musically speaking. Personally, I believe when it’s all said and done, Lasso will be one of the most respected musicians and engineers to have ever graced a studio.

What was the creative process for your latest album, māyā. maia. mayu?

The process was very much starting one thing, whether it be a melody idea, chorus arrangement, or chord progression, record the first ideas that stuck, and run with those ideas. Essentially sculpting the song from this block of beautiful clay we began with at the start of the session.

Your first album got lots of recognition and you accomplished a lot in 2016, what did you take with you from that process?

Other than Mello Music Group’s audience really likes soul samples; the process of putting together a record, from outsourcing local talent to engineer the project and shooting the cover and creating the artwork.

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Who would you most like to collaborate with, and why?

Knxwledge x Anderson Paak x Kendrick Lamar. Easy. Why? Because I want to be known as the best, and the best works with the best.

What has been your most memorable gig so far?

My first show in Chicago, when my family came to see me play at North Bar. No one showed up because the Blackhawks were in the playoffs, but who cares.

What piece of advice would you give to an aspiring rapper?

If you’re in this for the money; do something else and supplement your art with that. This s**t called success is as fleeting as the wind.

What are you goals for the next year?

Level up. Play prominent festivals. Hopefully land a few magazine covers, and get a song licensed so I can start actually paying my bills.