Having Already Worked With Craig David, Newcomer Lauren Faith Is Making Waves

Thursday 25 October 2018

Living and breathing music from a young age, Lauren Faith was brought up listening to her mother’s vinyl collection, which included 70s funk, Neo Soul and go-go. Moving to London from Derby, the singer-songwriter made her entry into the music world by creating bass-heavy tracks offset with her laid-back and smooth vocals.

At only 23, Lauren has already worked and toured with Craig David, and is clearly making a name for herself. Her debut single ‘Just a Little’, produced by KAYTRANADA, is a perfect slice of future-forward pop from this newcomer. Featuring on Annie Mac’s Future Sounds feature, Lauren is taking the industry by storm and is certainly proving to be an exciting one to watch. We spoke to Lauren about her route into the music industry, who influences her and her love for Tom Misch!

Tell me a bit about you and your route into the music industry?

I’ve been in the music industry since I was 16/17. I moved down to London from Derby, during which I was posting songs on Soundcloud, which picked up attention, meaning I got sessions with anyone I could. I met Tre Jean-Marie, and various different producers and writers.

What was it like doing the big move to London?

It was a big change because I didn’t have any family in London. It was probably one of the biggest sacrifices I made, but it has all worked out, so it’s all good.

Is music something you’ve always loved?

Yes, music is something I’ve always loved! I’ve done it since I was about 4 years old. I started playing piano and guitar when I was 5, and then I did violin and flute. I didn’t actually start singing until I was 11, but I composed and wrote songs when I was 7/8 years old. Ever since I can remember music has always been something I have known I’ve wanted to do.

And who are your main musical influences?

Jill Scott, India Arie, and Eryka Badu are my female vocal influencers. In terms of music George Benson and Roy Ayers. Pharrell is also a huge one, his first album In My Mind was the first time I heard all the layers of production and that’s when I decided I really wanted to get into being a producer.

For someone who might not have heard your music, how would you describe your sound using 3 words?

Soulful, catchy and cool

You co-wrote songs for Craig David back in 2015, how was that process?

It was really cool because I’ve always looked up to Craig as a vocalist and artist. To meet and work with him was an incredible experience and really inspired me, and still does to this day. It was amazing because I only did two sessions with him and those were the two songs that got the cut, so I’ve got two songs on his album!

The following year he asked me to go on his arena tour. It was nice seeing what could happen if you work really hard and keep focused.

You released your debut single ‘Just a Little’ back in August, tell me a bit about the song

The song is just about being in a one-sided relationship or seeing someone new, it’s mysterious and fun. The song is a bit cheeky, because it’s all about imagining what the relationship could become and living in your head. Thinking with your heart and not your head.

And tell me a bit about the creative process you went through for the single

So KAYTRANADA sent me the beat, and I’ve written quite a lot of songs from the beat he’s sent, and quite often the melody just flows. With ‘Just a Little’, it was kind of about where I was at the time, and the lyrics just flowed. The hook of the song is really simple and catchy, so it was really easy to write the lyrics, so it just came out.

The reaction so far has been amazing, Annie Mac included it within her Future Sounds feature – how was that?!

OMG it was amazing! When Annie Mac plays your music it’s a big thing, because she never plays anything bad, so it’s a huge complement and I’m so glad that she now knows who I am. Hopefully, for future records she might get behind them, so it was an honour!

You’ve worked with KAYTRANADA before, but how was it working with him on ‘Just a Little’? 

It was amazing, I love KAYTRANADA, he’s one of the most humble and down to earth guys. He is the sweetest guy and one of the most talented and innovative people in the industry right now. So, it’s an honour to be able to work with someone of his calibre of talent. I think we’re a good match!

Are there any artists at the moment who you would love to collaborate with?

I’d love to work with Tom Misch – I love how he produces everything, he’s so dope! I can’t wait to see him live!

And finally, what have you got planned for the next year?

So, I’ve actually got two more singles to come out, which will hopefully be out before the end of the year. These singles are actually produced by me, so I’m really excited for people to hear my first debut production. I’ve also got an EP coming out. And my first headline show next year!