Friday 05 October 2018

Producer, songwriter, and now musician, Dan Dare, aka SLANG, has gained notable attention within the music industry after working with the likes of Marina and The Diamonds, Wiley, and Charli XCX. Emerging onto the grime scene after being played on Pirate radio, Dan formed the Elite production team with ZDOT and Rymez. Recently creating his own music, SLANG articulates his personal endeavours and struggles through distinctive rap flows coupled with twists of urban pop. Following the release of his brand-new single ‘Let Go’, we talked to SLANG about the inspirations behind his music, touring, and his plans for the future. What inspired you to start writing your own music?  My brother initially, he was a UK Garage MC and would go on pirate radio and I would listen to the FM dial – I wanted to be like him so started writing lyrics and producing backing tracks. I had a tough upbringing in a hard area where a lot of people are involved in crime. I just wanted to break the mould. How would you describe your musical sound?  The progressions are quite soulful – I usually write with a guitar then produce it around that. I sing, rap and pour out honest lyrics about my life or past. Storytelling really. What was the inspiration behind your new single ‘Let Go’? I was in a long-term relationship for four years, which was great at some points, but it all went down the drain. I was homeless and living on friend’s couches for a while, whilst also working with a load of big artists as a producer but not really seeing many rewards. They go home to their plush homes and me to my couch haha! It’s just about accepting where you are at in your life and it could be worse but you’re going to be fine in the end. Do you plan to continue touring after your run with The LaFontaines? Yeah, I’ve been speaking with my booking agent and record label mapping out a plan. I would love to tour for a year straight. I love being on the road and moving around playing shows. Do you have any pre-show rituals?  Half a beer and some shadow boxing to get rid of any pre-show nerves – just something to get the blood going! What’s your favourite part about touring?  The laugh with the lads, we write all the music together and have lived together over the years! Literally LADS ON TOUR! The feeling after the shows are great too What advice would you give to your younger self? Learn how to communicate better, practice mindfulness, always work out of your comfort zone. What can we expect from you for the rest of the year? I’ll drop a new song by the end of the year, still undecided on what that song is though! I’ve got some big collaborations I’ve done but they kind of clash with the other artists release plan, so working it out.