The Resolution Store: The Latest One-Stop Shop for Pre-Loved Fashion

Monday 15 October 2018

Born from the desire to champion sustainable fashion and extend the life cycle of un-used goods, Anna Sutton and Alicia Waite, two mega fashion moguls, created The Resolution Store, a brand-new re-sale platform providing customers with exclusive access to the wardrobes of the world’s most stylish ‘influencers’.

Each sale runs for a limited time only and features a carefully-curated collection of current and vintage pre-loved pieces from zeitgeist brands – Ganni, B&sh Paris and Faithfull – as well as exclusive one-off vintage items from Gucci, Prada and Christopher Kane. Shopping these discounted pieces, generously donated from the likes of Lucy Williams and Pandora Sykes, offers a unique boutique shopping experience.

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Smile ?! It’s Sunday! AND you’ll be able to shop items from the wardrobes of these two babes before long. 21st September to be exact. Put it in your diary ?? Ph. @camillecharriere + @lucywilliams02 – #TRS #TheResolutionStore

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We’re totally obsessed with this new sustainable fashion initiative along with browsing the site and cannot wait for Sale #2. In the meantime, we spoke to the co-founders about all things curating, their favourite pieces from Sale #1 and the one thing they’d change about the fashion industry.

First of all, tell us a bit about where the idea for The Resolution Store came from, and how long has it been in the pipeline?

Anna: Having worked brand side for years, and seeing influencer culture grow exponentially, I became conscious/curious of what was happening to the huge amount of clothing that donned the backs of the stylish influencers. It is an inevitable part of the job that influencers are both gifted and buy a lot of clothes and have a huge number of followers who would love to buy their style.

Alicia: I’ve worked in both editorial, and brand-side over the past ten years, meaning I’ve worked closely with influencers for a long time. The bigger they’ve become, the more clothing they receive, buy, and source, but once they’ve posted about a piece on Instagram, they have to move on to other pieces in order to stay fresh. Just because a piece isn’t current season, doesn’t mean it hasn’t taken a huge amount of work – as well as water, energy, natural (or non-natural) fibres. It really bothers me that they might end up languishing at the back of someone’s wardrobe unwanted, when they could be having a life elsewhere.

So, The Resolution Store was born: a platform that offers a unique opportunity to buy into ‘influencer style’ directly, in a neatly curated, and easy-to-navigate space, extending the life cycle of un-used clothes.

We aim to:

  • RE-cycle – Extend the life cycle of our clothing
  • RE-vive – Help sustain this beautiful world in our small way
  • RE-duce– Minimise waste

There are lots of resale options out there and while they can offer amazing depth of stock for the savvy shopper, we aim to offer something more curated, offering customers a boutique experience. Just 1000 pieces on sale over four weeks, until the next sale begins. For the influencers, TRS offers greater visibility on their pieces than increasingly crowded resale sites. For the customer, we offer a clear edit of investment pieces for a fraction of their original price.

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We RE-solve to reduce waste in the fashion industry. Are you with us? – #TRS #theresolutionstore

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The past few weeks must have been a bit of a whirlwind for you both since the launch, how has it been?

A whirlwind is a good way to describe it! Our first day was incredible and we were so pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm shoppers have to shop with us. It’s also been a great opportunity to see what people are keen to get their hands on in terms of brands etc. so we can bear that in mind when curating future sales.

How did you manage to get the likes of Lucy Williams, Pandora Sykes and Camille Charrière involved?

After a few years in the industry we’ve got to know these girls really well, through events and such, and when we went to them with the idea they were the first to sign up. They really support our mission to encourage the growth in the market for pre-loved and second-hand clothing and have been a help in promoting that positive message.

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Journalist and style maven @pandorasykes’ pre-loved pieces are such an eclectic bunch of treasures we’ve set up her own online boutique ?. Shop her wardrobe now at the link in bio ? – #TRS #TheResolutionStore

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Can you tell us about the curating process for each Sale?

We run through our contributors’ stock, picking out items which we can see are great quality, and from zeitgeist-y brands we know the contributors’ followers will love. Each of them has their own unique style so we ensure we have that style represented as well as possible on the site. After that we run through again and pick out any pieces we feel would be great investment pieces, or cult items we know people will want the opportunity to shop if they missed them the first time around.

And if you could choose your favourite piece from Sale No.1 what would it be?

Anna: With winter events in mind I love the Cloe Cassandro pink slip dress, the Needle & Thread black beaded dress or the neon Viktor & Rolf tulle dress!

Alicia: I love a good coat and have my eye on the green Jigsaw fluffy coat, the Stella McCartney cream fluffy coat and an amazing Baukjen leopard print number I can’t believe hasn’t been snapped up yet!

How’s Sale No.2 looking, can you give us any exclusives?

We’re still focussing on Sale #1 right now as it’s open for another few weeks. Sale #2 might not be online only…but we can’t give too much away at the moment as we’re still firming things up!

TRS donate 20% of all profits to Labour Behind the Label, how did you decide which charity to donate to?

LBTL help garment workers all over the world, which is something we wholeheartedly support. So many human resources go into each and every garment made, and those people aren’t always working in the best conditions. We feel supporting those people at the very start of the process is like laying foundations for a better, more sustainable industry.

In terms of sustainable fashion do you think there has been a notable shift of late?

Absolutely. Just look at the most recent issues of Porter and Elle UK magazines! Sustainability is moving towards the mainstream and we’re so happy to be even a small part of that movement.

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Restock incoming and we know this dress will be one of the first things to go… Sign up to the newsletter now to get first dibs ❤️? – #TRS #TheResolutionStore

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Some people are understandably wary about buying resale clothing, what are your top tips to do it properly?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Good re-sale sites will be ready to measure anything you need measuring and should list any faults or signs on wear clearly on the item listing. Aside from that, it shouldn’t be any different from buying new.

And finally, if you could change one thing about the fashion industry, what would it be?

The pace. The speed that trends come and go nowadays (largely due to social media) is so fast, the manufacturers can’t keep up with it. This means that garments that sell, pass their sell-by date within weeks and languish at the bottom of wardrobes, and if they’re not sold at all head towards land fill, which is a huge waste of both human, and natural resources, as well as toxic for the environment.