Vivienne Westwood Gets Footloose And Funky Free At Anti-Fracking Protest

Thursday 18 October 2018

Meet ‘Dancing Queen’ Vivienne Westwood. Just days after the launch of her latest campaign #ViviennesCreatives, the designer threw some serious shapes at an anti-fracking protest.

Instead of merely marching down the streets outside Cuadrilla’s main site, she breakdanced her way to ABBA… what better way to make a statement!?

Oil and gas company Cuadrilla have begun their first fracking project since 2011 despite environmental activists tirelessly campaigning, and the proven devastating effects it has on the environment.

Aside from her punk fashion statements, Westwood is certainly not one to shy away from making her opinions on political issues clear. Hopefully she’ll be using her dancing to spread awareness of important causes for a long long time to come!