Always A Performer, Blithe Is Now A Pop-Star In The Making

Monday 26 November 2018

Drawing on some of the biggest pop icons in the industry, from the likes of Pink Cardi B, but adding her own twist, Blithe has filtered her irrepressible energy into making infectious pop tracks. Moving from Rugby to London at just 16, her passion for music came from a young age, with the arrival of her piano.

Having only released two tracks ‘Bad Habit’ and ‘Mission’, she has already gained extensive attention, featuring on a range of Spotify playlists and radio airwaves. We’re excited for her forthcoming debut EP, which is coming soon, in the meantime we chatted to Blithe about everything from her earliest memory of music to what’s next!

So, I think a good place to start is if we go back in time to your early years – what’s your earliest memory of music?

I suppose it would be when I first got a piano, I spent 3 weeks trying to figure out how to use it, play it and write on it. I was constantly sitting at the piano for days on end trying to work it all out.

And is music something that you’ve always gravitated towards?

Yes! I was always a performer as a child, I started doing ballet when I was 2, and I carried on dance lessons. I was also one of those kids who would always be putting on shows and making people sit and listen to me.

I actually bumped into the lady who used to babysit me when I was a kid, and she told me how I used to force her to watch me dance and sing… sounds like me and something I’d still do!

How did you find the sound or genre that you wanted to make?

I suppose I’ve always liked fun, poppy, strong women type of music. I guess I just did what I knew, so it was easy for me to fall into that genre I suppose.

Do you still listen to pop music, or do you rather listen to music that’ completely different to your own music?

I still listen to pop, I’m addicted, I’ve not really changed! I think pop music is a little bit less than it was before, but I still listen to EDM, funky, dancey pop. I haven’t really progressed in that sense.

You grew up in Rugby and then moved to London when you were 16, can you tell me a bit about the move?

I mean Rugby is quite a small town, and I’ve always been someone who likes to travel and move about, so London just seemed like the place to be in terms of music. The first step to progressing my music career for me was to go somewhere where people are pursuing music careers.

I moved in with some friends that I met, and was just networking and clubbing, which was complete carnage! I got fired from a few jobs, but my mum did help me out a lot.

Your recent release ‘Bad Habit’ is a very personal track for you, can you tell me a bit about it…

I’m the kind of person who has a very addictive personality, not really necessarily about being addicted to one thing, but it’s about being addicted to a bad romance. It’s kind of about the fact I’m addicted to lots of different things, like drinking when I probably shouldn’t be, and that sort of thing.

And, what was the process behind the making of the single?

I spent 3 months in the studio, working with Freedo and Lucy Pawws. We started playing around different ideas and listening to tracks that I liked at the time. What I usually do is go in to the session, and whether I know the person or not, I’ll talk at them for like an hour, and get to know each other, whatever is on my mind I’ll just blurt it out, there are no secrets with me. So, I spoke about a relationship, I told them that one minute we’re really good and the next it’s turmoil. We just sort of just came up with different hooks from there.

You’ve featured on a range of Spotify playlists, which is no mean feat – how was that?

I was so so shocked! You always hope that people will pick up and listen, the day before my tune came out, I thought f**k this, and I was super nervous. I was at a party and when it hit midnight I was like “woo! My songs out”, and when I was in the cab on the way home, I checked New Music Friday and I was on it! And the next music, and I realised I was on the US playlist and I was also the cover of New Pop Revolution. It’s been surreal being on the playlists that I usually listen to.

What was it like releasing music for the first time?

To be fair I was shitting it up until the last minute and kept thinking that I wasn’t ready. It had been ready for so long that I almost psyched myself out of it. But, when I woke up on the morning of the release, the track already had thousands and thousands of streams, and I realised that people actually really liked it! I think if I had woken up with just 20 streams, then I would have been disheartened and wanted to quit, but that didn’t happen! So, it’s been the best feeling ever to finally get songs out after so long in the making.

You’ve got your forthcoming debut EP coming soon, how are you feeling ahead of the release?

I’m just really happy, we’re releasing things bit by bit, so we’ve got stuff coming out the very end of November and the EP is out in January. I’m excited to get a body of work out, where people will really get me.

And have you got a favourite song on the EP?

The favourite might be the fourth song on the EP, called ‘Don’t Blink’, it seems to be a favourite amongst my friends and family at the moment. I think it’s my sexiest song, so I guess it’s my favourite. ‘Bad Habit’ was my favourite, but now it’s out in the open I definitely think it is ‘Don’t Blink’.

What’s next for you…

There is lots in the pipeline, we’re planning a few live shows, but nothing has been confirmed yet! There will be definitely upon the EP release, but we’re currently talking venues and stuff, all super exciting!

If you could give your 15-year-old self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid, and just be yourself – you don’t have to be anyone else. The bits of yourself that you hate are the best parts of you!