CHILDCARE: The Exciting Punk-Pop Quartet With The Most Apt Name Out There

Thursday 22 November 2018

Lead-singer, Ed Cares, was overheard humming a song he’d written by the children he was nannying, who persuaded him to form a band. Taking the advice of 6-year-old Katie and eight-year-old Josh, the band were born under the only logical moniker in the circumstance: CHILDCARE.

Enthused by high energy punk, CHILDCARE are making waves, producing idiosyncratic punk pop that is gaining traction within the industry. Having already performed with the likes of Bastille and released two highly acclaimed EPs Made Simple and Luckyucker, this quartet are on to big things. Their latest release ‘Man Down’ is a powerful track that aims to rally men, empowering them to be vulnerable, open and sensitive, without seeming like they’re “jumping on the mental health bandwagon”.

Ahead of the release of their debut album at the beginning of next year, we chatted to Ed about how it all began, their UK tour and the creative process behind their music.

Tell us a bit about CHILDCARE and how it all began…

I was nannying and writing a few tunes but not doing much, having left my last band To Kill a King. Katie (6) who I was looking after suggested I started a band, so I did. After writing and doing the odd gig here or there, a few line-up changes, we ended up with the band we have now, and our first gig was headlining Reading and Leeds BBC Introducing Stage.

You’ve just finished your UK tour; how did it go?

It was v cül thanks, fans were really excited at the shows, lots of singing along. Plus, our backstage rider has grown to include healthy snacks.

Playing live gigs is important to you all, why is this?

Well I can only speak for myself, but I’d say it’s the most fun way to spend an hour that I can possibly imagine. And I’ve had sex several times. If the gig is good, which they have been lately, it’s a real rush.

Your track ‘Man Down’ recently featured on BBC Radio 1’s Music Introducing with Huw Stephens! What was that like?

Yeah great! Huw’s been a supporter of ours for a few singles now and we’re very grateful for it. It’s always good to hear yourself on the radio, it lends a faint whiff of legitimacy to what you’ve been working hard on.

Can you tell us the meaning behind ‘Man Down’?

‘Man Down’ is a sort of double meaning on the opposite of man up, but also “man down!!!” like they scream in action films. It’s about being a man and the difficulty of admitting weakness. I’m not that manly but I’ve definitely found it hard in the past to admit that I wasn’t happy or was finding something tricky.

You released your EP Luckyucker earlier this year, can you tell us a bit about it…

Luckyuckeris our second EP and is a bit closer to what our debut album, out at the start of next year, is going to sound like. It’s this softcore-psych vibe, they are pop tunes, but we have some fun with the arrangements and sounds.

And what was the creative process behind it?

The songs are usually pretty finished when we head into the studio, but we left a little more room to mess about on the Luckyuckersessions. Rich spent more time on the floor writhing around his pedal board and producer Ben had more input and ideas.

Talking of creative processes, is creating music a collaborative process for you guys?

Yeah absolutely and continuing to become more and more collaborative as time goes on. I mainly write the songs, but we all work on them together and everyone makes contributions to melody/lyrics/chords too.

Can you tell us what you’re currently working on?

Finishing tweaks for this debut album!

And finally, what piece of advice would you give to your 15-year-old selves?

Hold on to your baggy trousers, they’ll come back in fashion.