Mathilda Homer is Queen of the Nostalgic, Loving, and Relatable

Friday 30 November 2018

Mathilda Homer is 20-years-old, yet she crafts music with enough soul to support multiple lifetimes.  Her range of experience and memory is broad; she moved out of London to rural England, and then back again following her formative years.

Transition, unique education, and a well of familial passion shaped Mathilda into the woman she is today. A journey between contrasting locations, a decision to turn away from traditional academics, and the guidance of two blood-related composers developed a promising figure in a world ready for new strong, powerful voices.

Now, after clicking with her collaborator, writing partner, and producer Isaac Waddington, Homer has put together a collection of songs prepared to make you long for a particular moment, acknowledge your emotions, and perhaps, find a picture of yourself in your new sonic friendship.

Your parents are both established composers. What is your first memory of music, and how did your parents’ interests help you develop as a musician?

Lying in my bed and hearing my mum and dad and their band practising into the late night. Sitting and watching my dad at his easel writing scores by hand, also helping my dad make random instruments out of different things around the house.

Having moved out of London to a rural area, and then moved back to the city, how would you say a change of location influences or contributes to the art you create?

It automatically opens your mind to so many new streams of music. When you’re living in the middle of nowhere, there’s only a small amount of new music you can take out, without actually searching. It just kind of slips into everyday life in London, finding new sounds and new music.

You say that your latest single, ‘Ready When You Are’, is about the modern day relationship and the baseless rush we are all in. Where did you come up with the idea for the track, and what message do you hope to drive home?

I came up with it in the car, after having a conversation with someone and he assured me not to yet fall in love with him. It’s to reassure someone that you will wait, and you’ve got all the time, but it’s kind of sarcastic in a way, as I’m making it quite obvious that Im already at that stage with someone, and they are taking ages to get there, and that is frustrating. I didn’t have a title for the song, then I was downloading a wee transfer file, and the slogan ‘Ready when you are’ popped up. Jumped right out at me!

‘Ready When You Are’ comes ahead of a fuller body of work which is set to release in early 2019. If you had to describe this new collection in three words, what would they be?

Nostalgic, loving, relatable.

You have found a natural rhythm and writing process working with your producer Isaac Waddington. Could you let us in on your dynamic and how this process generally works, from start to finish?

Oh it’s just great, we work really well together, our ears are very similar and the same parts of music stimulate us. We wrote all the songs in our flat in North London together. It was never a planned ‘session’, it all comes very naturally as we would write a song when we wanted to, and felt we had something to say.


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The releases that are coming when the leaves start to fall are all made in our bedroom. In North West London. I can’t wait to set the songs free into the world. And you’ll finally realise that we haven’t just been at @silverberrydeli drinking coffee 24/7. Only 23/7. Always strong teamwork. So much love. ? @qu_nn – all in old film.

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If you had to choose a ‘musical hero’ who has shaped your musical outlook or style, who would it be?

Eva Cassidy. She sings like a bird, I can cry at every word she says. The power yet fragility in her voice has also just been mind-blowing.

What are you hoping to achieve in 2019?

So much s**t. I hope to get into some festivals, that would be great fun. Headline the Village Underground. Keep making strong friendships in the field that I’m working in. And support some really amazing artists. That’s the dream.