Maydien X Pastel on ‘G.T.F.O.H’

Tuesday 06 November 2018

Ahead of his upcoming Asian tour, we sit down with R&B lyricist Maydien to discuss influences, connecting with his fans through music and supporting Anderson .Paak in Amsterdam.

We’re loving your new track with Pastel, ‘G.T.F.O.H’. What do the letters stand for?

Thank you! Much appreciated. It stands for Get The F Outta Here.

How did the idea of working together come about?

Pastel hit me up on Facebook and sent me some material. Everything I’ve heard from him is on point, so it was a no-brainer for me.

Tell us about the creative process behind writing the lyrics for ‘G.T.F.O.H’?

I’ve been writing about love-related stuff for the past 10 months and I wanted to switch things up this time. For ‘G.T.F.O.H’, I was watching the NBA highlights whilst listening to the instrumental and they were showing LeBron James. I opened up with that line about LeBron and things went easy from there.

Your Asian tour kicks off next month! Which country are you most excited to play in?

I’m excited about every little town, city and street that I’ll visit because I’ve never been to Asia before. It’s a dream come true and I’ve heard from many other artists that Seoul is the livest crowd they’ve witnessed – so I can’t wait to perform there.

You’ve supported names as big as Jay Z, Frank Ocean and Snoop Dogg. Who was the most surreal person to work with?

The Frank Ocean support show was the one that changed a lot for me. My confidence mostly – although I didn’t actually meet him. When I opened for Anderson .Paak, my dressing room was next to his so I met him and his band, The Free Nationals. I had his album on repeat at the time so that was a moment for me.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

Quincy Jones – it goes without saying.

How would you say your music has developed since releasing your first single in 2011?

Good question. My voice has developed a lot and the songs are more complete for sure. I know my range now – the sound of it and working with different singers helps as well. I studied my audience and I feel like I know how to reach them as I pick my beats and by my way of writing.

What inspires you other than music?

Sports and documentaries about art, nature, history – anything.

Finally, what can we expect from you in 2019?

My new EP will drop early next year. I’m working on international shows and I have lots of collabs scheduled. I think next year will be one for the books.

Listen to ‘G.T.F.O.H’ here: