MYKL Have a Debut Pop Anthem Guaranteed to Make You Move

Friday 30 November 2018

Listening to the radio, you’ve more than likely heard songs produced by duo MYKL, or MakeYouKnowLove, but you most likely don’t know the faces behind the tracks. Brothers, Anthony and Michael Hannides, have been creating hits for artists that include ZAYN, Rita Ora, Nicole Scherzinger and more; now, they are on the path to release their own music.

The duo’s debut single, ‘Vitamin’, is imbued with 80’s synth-pop and RnB influences. It’s the kind of track that is reflective of our culture: the fantasizing of an all-consuming relationship and how to deal with it. Reminiscent of a John Hughes movie, the song is a colour-soaked pop anthem that is equally fluid and emotive.

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You two are obviously brothers, but can you tell us why you decided to form the band?

We decided to start the band because it’s always been our ambition to release our own music, to express ourselves with freedom and to make art we can truly call our own.

I’m very fond of the name, where did that come from?

The name came about organically. Our songs are about love and every form that comes in, love, sex love, ex-love, new love, so the message really is make you know love, to feel it.

Your debut single ‘Vitamin’ was just released and it seems like it was a long time coming, how are you feeling about it?

We feel great about releasing our first single, happy the world can hear it. It’s a great feeling to know even when we’re gone the song will still exist, every song is a little story, a little part of us.

The track is full of synths and is an instant, glimmering ear-worm, what was the creative process like?

Creative process was a little different, we had the drum groove in our heads and were obsessing about it, then the synth hook you hear at the start of the song we played that once in then layered it then got in the booth and the song was written in a couple of hours.

The video for ‘Vitamin’ was quite unexpected, but I loved it. What was the inspiration for it?

We wanted the video to be gender neutral and fun, we wanted the video to match the light-hearted nature of the song. We think it did that.

You’ve produced tracks for Zayn and Rita Ora, why did you two decide now was the time to release your own music?

We’ve written and produced songs for them, worked with Craig David, Nicole Scherzinger and recently Mabel too. I think now we’re able to self-release our own music it really allows us the freedom to be stylistically different.

When working with big musicians do you find each process to be different?

Yeah everyone has there own process so you have to respect that. There is no set way to work, you have to be fluid and focused to get something great.

Can you tell us what it was like working with Zayn and Rita Ora?

‘They are both great at what they do with Rita we spent less time with her, she’s very sweet and hard working. With Z he has a strong idea of what he wants, we spent a long time with him, built a friendship and that’s how we prefer to work.

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The things you’ve produced and written have a wide array of influences, who would you say has been the biggest in your life?

Michael Jackson, Prince and Coldplay without a doubt.

You’re both no strangers to the music industry, what have been some highs and lows of your career?

The biggest high we ever have is writing and finishing a song. So I guess you could say we’re always high. The lowest moment we had is when we were broke working out of our bedroom and people were telling us the music we were making wasn’t relevant. They were all wrong though because they became hits.

If you had the chance to give advice to your younger selves, what would you say?

Keep going. Trust yourself, trust your instincts, don’t listen too much to outside influences.

Last thing: who is still on the list for dream collaborations?

Hard to say. So many great artists out there we would love to work with but Coldplay, Beyonce, and Justin Timberlake are top of the list.