Producer, DJ, Radio Presenter And All Round Musical Whizz, Rude Kid

Tuesday 13 November 2018

Producer, DJ and radio presenter, Rude Kid, has an undeniable passion and talent for all things music. Crowned the Grime Producer Of The Year at the Rated Awards in 2016, and having already worked with the likes of Skepta, JME, Wiley and Stormzy, his resumé impressive. The latest venture: his grime show on Kiss FM, airs new music and news from the frontline of grime, making it both innovative and pioneering.

We were lucky to chat to Rude Kid about his earliest memory of performing, the difference between Kiss FM and pirate radio and what’s coming in the next few months!

What’s your earliest memory of performing?

Probably my first ever DJ show which was at a club called Cable. I think I was about 10 minutes late as well because I was just coming back from Alton Towers and I was rushing there. Luckily, I made it! I don’t think I’ll ever forget that because number one I was late, and number two it was my first performance.

Was there a specific moment when you realised that you had made it?

Do you know what, I still don’t think I’ve made it at all! I feel like I still have lots more to do. So even when people say that “I’ve made it” or think I’m doing really well, while I am doing okay, I don’t feel like I’ve made it at the moment.

I think I feel like I am getting more successful, particularly because people have started to recognise me and coming up to me in the road, or when family members’ or family friends’ kids are saying that I’m doing really well. Also, when you start to get more shows, that’s when you realise you’re doing good.

You’ve got your own show on KISS FM now, how did you get into DJing?

DJing is something that I have always enjoyed doing. When I was younger, my cousin had decks of vinyl, so I used to practice on them a lot. And then I got sent some Pioneer CDJs and from then on, I just kept practicing. Before I got my own, I could only really practice on Pirate Radio or use other people’s kit. So, when I got my own pair I think I just got better and better and being on the radio is more me showcasing being a presenter, as well as a DJ. The KISS side is a bit different.

What are the differences between DJing on FM and pirate radio stations?

Obviously with KISS it is a national radio station, it’s a legal station as well so certain things are restricted, like, you can’t swear on there, you can’t just play music with swear words etc. There’s only so much you can really do on KISS, but with pirate you can do whatever the hell you want, it’s not a structured show so you just have fun on there. Whereas with KISS it is structured, so you have to go there prepared and have the links prepared that I’m going to talk about. But also, you get paid to be on KISS, and you don’t get paid to be on pirate. That’s another difference.

Do you have a specific music-making process?

I don’t, you know. I can sometimes just start with a drum and that could kick off stuff or I can just hear one sound which could make me want to make a beat out of it. But usually I start with a melody and then I work around it. So, I don’t really have one set formula to make music anymore really.

You’ve worked with a lot of talented artists in the past, is there anyone you’re particularly eager to collaborate with?

From America I would really like to work with Drake. I would like to see what Drake would do on one of my tunes, so I would really like to work with him. Over in the UK I would like to work with Jorja Smith, I think we could make something sick and I think she’s amazing.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of creating music for you?

The most rewarding thing is when people come up to me and tell me they love my music, particularly when I’m in a different country. To me, I’m just a normal person that likes making music, but to someone else it’s like “oh my god, I love your music”.

Another rewarding thing for me is staying consistent over the years and having music as a living, as a job.

You have performed at various festivals this past year, were there any stand out shows?

I did South by Southwest again in America, in Austin, Texas, which stood out to me a lot because you’re in a different country playing your music.

In England I really enjoyed Leeds festival on the Relentless stage, I think there were around 16,000 people there. That was actually sick. I enjoyed the Kisstory festival, where I played some old school garage tunes and that was sick.

Is there any music that you’re currently enjoying and would like to recommend?

A must listen is Ghetts’ new album Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament.

What can we expect from you in the next coming months?

In the next few months I’m going to drop another single real soon, I’m going to drop an instrumental EP as well and I might drop another tune I’m thinking… maybe. But definitely another single and an instrumental EP before the year is done.