Soon To Be Synth-Pop Sensation, Purpl

Monday 19 November 2018

Defining her world by way of colour, purpl has used her synaesthesia as a tool in the creative process of her music, with purple becoming a constant hue in the music she creates. Oozing sophistication, her music is instinctive and unique.

Fresh from the release of her debut single ‘YOU KNOW’ and now her latest track ‘H.L.M’, which features her strong vocals over a synth-pop beat. We chat to Becky, aka purpl, about what originally drew her to creating music, how she found her sound and the creative process behind the artwork.

Firstly, can you tell me a bit about you and what originally drew you to writing and creating your own music?  

I always loved to sing, and I’ve always been creative. My grandad taught me piano from a very young age, but I never really enjoyed following the music or the rules of it, it felt much more natural doing my own thing. As I got older and started to experience more things in life, writing became a perfect outlet for understanding everything I was feeling without feeling too vulnerable or reliant on other people.

Where did the name ‘purpl’ come from? 

I have synaesthesia (it can be in so many different forms, but I get it by seeing/feeling colours from music) and as I was writing more and more and experimenting with my sound, there became a common factor in all of the songs that felt the most ‘me’ – they all had a purple hue to them, so it just seemed like a no-brainer!

You released your debut single, ‘YOU KNOW’, a while back. How does it feel to have your debut single out now? 

It feels so great. I’ve been waiting a really long time to finally get some music out into the world, and for that song to be ‘YOU KNOW’ makes me feel really proud.

And can you tell me a bit about the track?

‘YOU KNOW’ was one of those songs that came together really easily and effortlessly (I wish all songs happened like that ha!). I was reflecting on a lot of things at the time and was feeling really grateful and lucky. It’s about embracing a new love/relationship and forgetting any pain and hurt from previous relationships.

‘YOU KNOW’ was debuted on BBC Introducing, what is it like hearing your single on the radio?

It felt really surreal. I couldn’t believe that a song I had made in my lounge all by myself a few months previously was actually being played on the radio. It was a low-key mini pinch me moment for sure.

You produce synth-pop beats, how did you find your sound? And what inspired it?

The first song I ever produced was on Garageband on my phone – it was very basic, but I was amazed at how I could make a song still sound pretty sick despite there being very few different elements. So, I think that’s where the minimalistic ‘less is more’ approach came from in my music.

Then when I started using DAWs for production, I was listening to a lot of early SoundCloud electronic music (early Snakehips, Bondax, Cyril Hahn etc.) and heavily rotating a lot of BANKS (her Goddess album) and SOHN – I loved that he was producing all the songs he was singing as well as experimenting with weird synths and sounds.

Can you tell me a bit about the creative process behind the artwork?

The artwork began with countless Pinterest boards as they always do, I wanted something that was me but was different and still mysterious. I like to think the cosmic storm inside the silhouette is what my brain looks like when I’m creating music.

What can we expect from you over the next year or so? 

I’m currently working on the live show ready for next year, so expect lots of new music and an awesome show to go with it!

And finally, you’re on a desert island, which one album would you want with you?

Hands down Rumours by Fleetwood Mac. The whole body of work is timeless and very close to my heart.