The Music Walk of Fame Is Coming to Camden

Tuesday 20 November 2018

Though the Hollywood Walk of Fame is over 8,700 kilometers from London, inhabitants of the UK’s capital will soon be no more than a tube ride away from a trail of prominent names. In Spring 2019, plans for a ‘Music Walk of Fame’ through the heart of Camden will be set in motion.

This February will welcome the founding stone of the walk; a walk which will eventually span the 1.3 miles from Chalk Farm to Mornington Crescent. In March, the first set of artists to be honoured with a spot on the ground will be revealed. Stones will be uncovered in tandem with celebratory ceremonies and in some cases, appearances by awarded artists themselves. Recipients will be selected by a panel comprised of key figures of the music industry, members of the press, several musicians, and Camden Council representatives. In addition, two public votes will take place, with one aiming to recognize new talent.

The Camden Council is a local authority serving the London Borough of Camden. Current members are very supportive of the ‘Music Walk’, so after years of proposals and debate, it is finally time for Camden to house what will be one of the highest accolades in music. Leader of the project Lee Bennett stated, “The timing is now right to move it forward as the team I have assembled are more than capable to deliver what will be a defining moment in music history now and in the future. Added to this fact that we have an accommodating and progressive Council with very supportive Councillors and Officers as well as a proud local community, the timing felt right. There are so many levels and avenues with this project and I look forward to watching it all unfold.”

The Cabinet Member for Promoting Culture and Communities, Councillor Johnathan Simpson, said, “Throughout Camden’s history the borough has been the stomping grounds for many well-known members of London’s creative communities. The international Walk of Fame project will celebrate this rich legacy by highlighting the accomplishments of some of the  musicians, artists, and prominent industry innovators connected with Camden’s vibrant creative heritage.”

Each stone will be a granite square decorated with bronze detailing. The initial series of stones will be placed ten metres apart along High Street. Over 400 stones will be placed subsequently throughout the next twenty years.

A Music Walk of Fame app has been developed to turn Camden town into the first ‘Augmeum’, a museum which uses augmented reality to bring a scene to life. The app will house exclusive imagery and video content, and allow users to watch artists virtually perform on the street near their plaques. In addition, a virtual trip through music history will be available to individuals using the Music Walk of Fame app all around the world.

For more information ahead of placing commencement, visit the Music Walk of Fame’s website here.