Video Premiere: Rumour’s New Single ‘Edges’

Friday 16 November 2018

Electro-pop trio Rumours are making waves with their latest music video for ‘Edges’. Comprised of Fede, Mark and Marion, the band is responsible for a future-pop sound underpinned by shuddering beats and sultry bass lines.

Directed by Hannah Berry George, the video intertwines dreamlike footage of the English country-side with raw, soulful vocals from the band’s lead singer Marion.

Reflecting on the video, the director said:

“I’ve interpreted ‘Edges’ being about your life flashing before your eyes when an unhealthy relationship comes to an end in an unexpected way. We open on this really powerful shot on Marion but by the end of the film, she is vulnerable in a world that has been turned upside down.”

We love and can’t get enough…Watch it here: